Thirty-six sanitation workers in Dong-a have received “star” titles

2022-06-15 0 By

Shen Xinxin Zhang Kaidong “too good, this work is more and more strong.”On March 21, a sanitation worker named Fan Lianying was grinning from ear to ear when she saw a text message reminding her that her salary had arrived.Due to her outstanding performance, fan was promoted from three-star sanitation worker to four-star sanitation worker this month, and her reward was increased from 300 yuan to 400 yuan.It is not easy to be rated as a star sanitation worker. After careful cleaning, fan Lianying was always excellent in the assessment of this section.”The wages of sanitation workers are relatively low, and the work is inevitably dirty and tiring, so the mobility of sanitation workers is high. According to the standards of cleaning, new arrivals have to learn from scratch, leading to poor quality stability of cleaning.”Donga County comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau party members Sun Min.In order to solve this problem, since 2021, the Donga County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has implemented the incentive mechanism of “star city beautician” for the most beautiful sanitation workers. More than 400 sanitation workers in the urban area have been included in the “star city beautician” evaluation system, with five grades ranging from one star to five stars.Monthly according to the assessment results, the selection of the corresponding level of “star city beautician”, the cleaner the sanitation, the better the performance, the higher the star, the higher the reward.For the star rating standard, Donga County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau based on the urban management environmental health assessment and daily assessment, monthly assessment of excellent cumulative one star, poor performance deducted one star, not assessed street star temporarily.In order to eliminate inertia and stimulate energy, they have also established a positive mechanism for upward and downward mobility, and the star rating is not for life.”Star city beautician” incentive mechanism, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of sanitation workers, initiative, last year city to county city management annual assessment, Donga County ranked second in the whole city, including three months of the city ranked first.Up to now, county “star city beautician” reach 36 people.