No problem website construction: how do enterprise websites interact with users

2022-06-15 0 By

Now, almost every enterprise will carry out website construction.As a result, companies must not only compete with their peers offline, but also score high and low on the website.The situation is very serious.In order for your site to stand out from the competition, we need to pay attention to a few interactive details that can make users like your site more.1. When reading websites, most users unconsciously follow the “Z Law” of reading, starting at the top left, then at the top right, then at the bottom left, then at the bottom right.In this process, the top left and bottom right are the central areas of the user’s vision, and the enterprise should place the most important content in these areas.2. On some good user experience sites, when users keep swiping down, they see a “Back to the top” icon, which is very handy.So businesses can learn from these sites and add this “back to the top” button to long pages to help users quickly find navigation.3. There is another detail that needs to be paid attention to, that is, never use pure white as the background color of web pages, because white is full frequency light, which is very stimulating to users’ eyes and not conducive to users’ reading.In order to improve the user’s reading comfort and efficiency, light gray or light color can be used as the background color.4. A website contains a lot of content, including news and information, usage methods, product knowledge and so on.Enterprises can determine the location of each content according to the number of clicks, so that users can see the content they want as soon as they enter the website, improving the user experience.5. Many sites will use the “share” feature.When users see information they like and useful to others, they can share it with major platforms, such as wechat, Weibo and Tieba, through this function, which not only improves user experience, but also avoids the reprinting of articles.These details can let users feel the care and care of the enterprise, virtually build a bridge of communication and interaction between users and enterprises.Such a site will naturally be favored by users.This article by no problem website construction original, praise attention, take you with long knowledge!