Fireworks, coming back

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Peninsula media reporter He Yi On April 3, many Qingdao citizens found that they could not see the asterisk in their travel code when they swiped their mobile phones in the morning, and the topic of picking stars was also flooded the screen in moments of friends.On the same day, the whole area of Qingdao was adjusted to be a low-risk area, and the travel code was officially picked.From March 2, Qingdao citizens united as one, began to fight against the epidemic.Affected by the epidemic, the island city hall food suspended, trestle closed, some scenic spots are also very quiet.As the epidemic has been brought under control, scenic spots have opened up and restaurant meals have resumed. The reporter also compared the photos taken during the epidemic with those taken after the epidemic has recovered.On March 19, the trestle scenic spot in Qingdao was temporarily closed, leaving only seagulls waiting for food on the road leading to Huilange.Tourists flock to the trestle scenic spot after its opening on April 3, 2019.On March 19, Qingdao’s Zhongshan Road was empty.March 19, the cold, empty Zhongshan Road.On April 3, the traffic flow on Zhongshan Road began to increase.March 23, university road network in front of the red wall is relatively quiet.Tourists are seen in front of the red wall scenic spot of the University road network in Shinan District, East China’s Hebei Province, April 3, 2019.Young people take photos of the red wall of the university road network in Beijing, Capital of China, April 3, 2019.On March 16, the public amusement facilities of Shiaoluo Beach were closed.On April 3, all the public amusement facilities in Shi Old man opened.