Winter Olympics talk

2022-06-14 0 By

Today is the opening day of the Winter Olympics.To tell you the truth, I’ve seen a lot of these events, and I’ve barely played them.I’m sure most people in this country have never skied, let alone played ice hockey.In this regard, northern European countries and countries in extremely cold regions such as Canada have a big advantage.In this respect, Chinese athletes from northeast China also have advantages. You can see the athletes from Hong Kong who have been training in northeast China all year round. They speak with a strong northeast accent instead of a Hong Kong accent.China has advantages in individual events in the Winter Olympics, such as short track speed skating.But there are many projects that lack advantages.From a game point of view, the fastest way is to recruit naturalized players, so you can see the members of the Chinese ice hockey team.They have no choice but to do so.There is a movie about the Winter Olympics, called Eddie the Eagle, it’s about ski jumping, very inspiring.The Nordic countries have a commanding lead in this regard.Compared to the trauma caused by the National football team, I believe the Winter Olympics can bring some compensation.Talk about the market today.Today is New Year’s day, Friday, the Hong Kong stock market opened.A happy opening.Although the US stock market was very bad last night, especially the us Internet stocks fell, but Hong Kong stocks are clearly starting to come out of their own market.The Hang Seng Technology Index has done very well.But there are bad ones.The film industry has clearly fallen short of expectations, with Cat’s Eye and Alibaba Pictures all falling.Hong Kong shares of The Times angel fell 24 per cent, closing down 10 per cent.I guess it’s likely that some institution hit a stop loss and was forced to sell.Anyone who knows what happened to The Times angel, please leave a comment backstage.Overall, the Hong Kong stock market was really weak last year, and most of the risk has been released. Slowly, the investment value of stocks is starting to appear.Long-term value investors can dig deep into it.Finally, I would like to say something about my Spring Festival experience.The first is the number of red envelopes on wechat. I feel better than last year, but still not too enthusiastic.Secondly, the price of movie tickets is indeed higher than last year. Whether it is intuitive feeling, or the statistics of Cat’s eye, or the complaints of Internet users, we can see that the price of tickets is indeed higher.But the box office is still not good.Another interesting thing I found about movies is that wu Jing is currently the top grossing actor in China with a total box office of 26.4 billion yuan, while Shen Teng is the second with 21.6 billion yuan.And then people really can’t remember who the third place is, and indeed I don’t know who it is, and I don’t want to know who it is.But Jackson Yi is remembered for being the youngest actor to earn more than 10 billion yuan at the box office.It’s funny, because he’s young, he’s remembered.In fact, he only ranked 15th in total box office.Number three, you can’t remember, but number 15, you do.I feel very similar to the differentiated competition of public companies.And NOT only do I remember Jackson Yi, I also remember Ma Li of Mahua Funage, who was the first Chinese actress to reach 10 billion yuan at the box office, with a total box office of 10.5 billion yuan so far.So, when you introduce yourself to others, always introduce something different, otherwise people will not remember you.