How long is the best time to sell a new car?Old driver: remember this “golden age”, after selling

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With the development of The Times, vehicles have become an important means of transportation in People’s Daily travel and a necessity of life for some families.And people are no longer as loyal to their cars as they were long ago. Instead, they will sell their cars when they are not needed, according to their personal needs, and then acquire large liquid assets or add money to buy a new car.But how long after a new car is more cost-effective to sell?In fact, the vehicle as a value of goods, also has its own golden age.You can maximize profits by keeping in mind the golden age of the vehicle and selling it after a set period of use.People’s needs for cars have also changed over time.The automobile has come a long way since it was invented in the 18th century.People’s demand for cars has evolved from a single means of transport to a transportation product that can be used to make a living.During this period of changing history, the value of the car has also changed, and its golden age has also changed according to its own needs.In the early days when the car was invented, it used to be a necessary luxury and a tool for people to show off.At that time the car according to the needs of society, also once acted solely as a means of transport.In the age when cars were just being driven, the social problems of energy shortage and frequent traffic accidents had not swept the world.As a result, cars at that time were a symbol of identity and status as means of transport capable of carrying goods or people.The prime age of a car is the first three years after purchase, and the interior design stays pristine for three years.Transferable hard currency It has taken only a few hundred years to go from being a common means of transportation to transferable hard currency.The number of cars sold is doubling almost every 15 years, and the infrastructure and core technologies for cars are constantly evolving.When the development process enters the modern society, the sale of second-hand cars seems to become the normal in the car sales market.With the increase of people’s purchasing power, cars are no longer a luxury that is hard to buy all one’s life.This kind of transportation has become a short-term means of transportation for many families, and it has also become a hard currency to prove its value in the marriage market.After all this development, the golden age of the car seems to be defined by more than just time.Factors influencing the sale price of second-hand cars In modern society, the factors influencing the sale price of second-hand cars have become more diversified.In the eyes of veteran drivers, the main factors affecting the price are age, mileage and brand of the car.1. Car age Car condition Car age as a kind of internal conditions of the car can not be faked, as a measure of the value of the car this consumable standard.Generally speaking, the number of years of a car is calculated from the time after the car is registered, that is to say, the car bought will depreciate automatically even if it does not run.And the degree of car maintenance will also affect the second-hand car transaction price to some extent.That’s why car insurance comes in, because regular repairs and maintenance can effectively increase the price of a car when it’s resold.Mileage Another important factor that affects the value of a car is its mileage.Car mileage, of course, is the number of miles a car has traveled.A car can generally calculate the current mileage and the total mileage, and the current mileage can be cleared by relevant means, but the total mileage can not be cleared.Some cars are sold with artificially modified mileage numbers, but the actual wear and tear is still there.So, when judging a car’s mileage, you should also pay attention to whether the number has been modified.Generally speaking, cars with fewer mileage numbers are more valuable.3. Models and brands In addition to the inherent loss of all types of cars, the car’s own models and brands are also key factors affecting second-hand sales.The cars we can buy in the market are often classified by model and size into subcompact, small, midsize, and so on.The smaller the vehicle, the cheaper it will be.The brand of the car is an important factor affecting the price.But even luxury cars have a certain rate of depreciation.The current rate of depreciation is 11% for the first three years, and then decreases over time.The more expensive a car is, the more money it can make after being depreciated because of its higher value.Three, how long is the age of the gold car and the gold price of the car also has a certain calculation standard, its calculation standard is mainly defined according to the car mileage.The golden age of cars varies depending on how often they are used.1. The number of years of the ordinary family car if only undertake the responsibility of family travel, the number of miles run in that year will generally be controlled at about 10,000.If not in accordance with the car brand as a measurement standard, in the market, the golden mileage of Volkswagen models float between 100,000 km and 150,000 km.In terms of household frequency, the golden age of family cars is around ten years.Because once the 10-year period is over, in addition to the mileage, the age of the car and the wear and tear of other parts will be counted as the main criteria.Therefore, the prime selling age of a family car should be nine to ten years, during which the actual value of the car is the highest and the sale price is relatively highest.Compared with private cars, the golden age of taxis is short enough.Because the main use of taxi is passenger transport, so the daily mileage and wear degree are larger.According to the latest car scrapping policy, minicabs can be used for up to eight years and can drive up to 600,000 kilometers. If they exceed one of these two conditions, they will be forced to be scrapped.It can be seen that the scrapping age of taxis is almost equal to the prime selling age of private cars.So generally speaking, the golden age of taxi use should be calculated according to the number of kilometers driven by the individual.If you drive a taxi within 10 to 15 kilometers, you are still in the golden age.In fact, there are many criteria for how long a new car should be driven, but the most popular yardstick is the mileage in the used car market.Individuals should also carry out a comprehensive evaluation of their private cars before selling them.In addition to checking whether the car’s age and mileage are fake, pay attention to the actual wear and tear of the car.For those who need to buy second-hand cars, prices should be compared in the sales market based on various conditions.Do you have a private car in your home?How much would your private car sell for on the used car market at current depreciation rates