28 incident new revelation: shoes do not fit, the world again big also with you

2022-06-14 0 By

Since Du’s visit to Jingdezhen, Xiong Lei has been trying to create a brand new image. He drives a luxury car to pick up his in-laws, makes their beds in advance, calls for new clothes for his parents, and changes his shoes and ties his shoelaces for his father-in-law.Thirty evening to drink millet porridge, also do not forget to release a small video, because it is to the in-laws sheng to the bowl, handed to the hand.After her mother-in-law arrived, Xiong lei opened a new mode of live broadcasting with her mother-in-law.Although the popularity came up a lot, but, compared with the other side or a big gap, the benefit is not good.For this, the party puzzled, as Xiong Lei said before that: can you do all done, but also how?We must have seen this spring evening jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei and others performed that skit “double happiness”.Some people say that this is simply a copy of yao’s former mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the February 8 incident, what personal attack, intrigue, petty and so on, is the real version of Xu Xiong farce.To this end, some netizens said that Xiong Lei’s new design, I am afraid that the tree will not be up for a while, because Internet users still remember her saying that “even with a magnifying glass of 100 times, you can not find the grace of Xu Ma”, “Xu Ma is not half as thrifty as Du Ma,” “laugh at the poor, not at prostitutes” and other xiong’s golden words.This year’s Spring Festival, Xiong Lei is the era benchmarking image to play to the extreme, in addition to their filial piety in-laws, but also personally teach Kai Kai to kowtow to adults.However, the effect is not ideal, people set up difficult to establish.Suddenly remembered a famous: shoes do not fit, the world and you again big.Yes, short step without thousands of miles, the truth of the 28 events is to be measured with life, and the journey of life is to be measured with their own feet.If the shoe does not fit, how to measure the huge world with feet?However, only the foot knows whether the shoe fits or not.This is the latest revelation of the February 8 incident.