Cemetery security posted: tribute can be eaten, there are red envelopes to receive, a happy life

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A cemetery guard’s word, it could be true, it could be a joke.I went to a cemetery in Shanghai the year before tomb-sweeping Day. There were all kinds of food in front of the tombstone, exposed to the wind and the rain.In 2022, even in the most developed parts of the world, many people still believe that the dead can eat the food they put out in the sun.Klause: Most of our offerings were taken home, and a few of our offerings were given to homeless disabled people who lived in the cemetery.Like I’ve been giving offerings to the same disabled person for years.Guan_156481601625: Those who are involved in the funeral industry are high-income group.It’s hard to put a name to that: flowers can also be recycled.Usually, we don’t offer tribute to the tomb. If we need to offer tribute on special days, we can also take some food after the ceremony. The rest, including cigarettes and alcohol, can be thrown into the pile of paper and burned together, so there is nothing left for the cemetery cleaners.GUAN_16000465791145Cemetery cleaners, in addition to the help to sweep the cigarette, tomb sacrificial products are also the main recycling things, one benefit of the cemetery clean, two benefits of recycling profit.As for the tribute food, the ancient wind, but no longer after the sacrifice to share.It’s better to offer flowers in a civilized way. It’s the new century after all.Shake guang: Our tomb, a long time ago to develop the custom of offering flowers, but do not know when to start, we are used to the end of the ceremony, the sacrifice of flowers to pick up, all the petals down, scattered in front of the tomb.When I was a child, I thought it was a very elegant custom, but when I grew up one day I realized that it was actually to prevent the people in the cemetery from taking flowers away and selling them to others…What do you think, fellow netizens?Welcome to the comments section…Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to longjun observation