All black face, Japan team meeting in the stadium after the match!The Chinese women’s soccer team’s group photo spree has not gone away either

2022-06-13 0 By

Beijing time on February 4 early morning, the Asian Cup semifinal, epic showdown, China women’s football desperate to reverse Japan into the final.Japan took the lead twice and dominated the game, but could not take down the tough Chinese team and lost in a penalty shootout.After the game, the Japanese women’s football team all black face, the scene of the meeting.Look at the technical statistics.The Japanese women had 66.9 percent of possession and outshot China 22-7 and 6-2 on target.At present from the data statistics, the gap between Chinese and Japanese women’s football, indeed a bit of the meaning of the gap between Chinese and Japanese men’s football.Of course, this is only statistical level, because this match Chinese women’s soccer team did not Wang Shuang, choose a slightly conservative play is right, Shui Qingxia’s tactical choice is no problem.However, it is well known that if you want to win an opponent with such low possession rate and shooting, you must have two things: efficiency and spirit.Efficiency is reflected in the attack, The Chinese women’s football team two shots on target all hit, and complete the absolute draw.From the strangling in the midfield to the running and scrambling in the back, The Chinese women’s football team showed their strong will and won the match.After the game, the Japanese players did not think of 3 even the crown so no, very lost, all black face.The Japanese team did not leave the field, but directly at the scene of the “meeting”, the head coach was also on the scene to lecture, everyone in the Japanese women’s football team bowed their heads, difficult to accept.Chinese women’s soccer team is a group photo carnival.This is the game, this is the charm of football, Chinese women’s football team deserves praise, more deserving of the prize money.Huang jianxiang wrote: “I strongly urge the FOOTBALL association to give the women’s team a bonus of 6 million yuan if they win a match in the men’s round of 12!”It can be seen that Chinese women’s football team does not have the same winning awards as men’s football team, but they fight to the end for their beliefs and national honor.