Single game 10 three points season first player!From warrior to hornet, Oubre has transformed

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Kelly Oubre went crazy today.He scored 39 points and made 10 3-pointers for the hornets, who scored 158 points.To make matters worse, Oubre played as a reserve.The Hornets had a great win.Oubre also became the first player to hit 10 3-pointers in a game this season.This season has been a transformation for Oubre, who didn’t have a great season with the Warriors last season.There were many criticisms and doubts about him.Oubre is a great player, but he doesn’t get the opportunities he deserves in golden State.This year comes oubre the Wasp.Oubre is averaging just under 17 points and four rebounds in 28 minutes per game this season, shooting 45 percent from the field and 37 percent from 3-point range.Ranked in the top 20 in 3-pointers made per game, averaging nearly 3.The Hornets are a young team.The team’s offense is fast-paced and athletic, and in this atmosphere, Oubre’s talents are at their best.This game is a prime example.Oubre was surprisingly hot, and in the second half he was on his game.First in the third quarter on the outside dry pull, not only hit and drew a foul.Oubre then hit a series of 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, several of them almost two steps from the three-point line.He caught the ball and released it confidently, with perfect curves through the net.In fact, Oubre has had a similar output more than once this season.Oubre has played most of the year off the bench, and he’s better off off the bench.Oubre scored at least 30 points off the bench in each of his previous games against the Pacers and Grizzlies.Especially after oubre scored 37 points and made 7 of 9 3-pointers in a win over Memphis.Oubre scored 39 points and took fewer than 20 shots.He hit 10 3-pointers for a total of 15 shots, an amazing efficiency.Oubre is shooting 95 percent from the field.It was arguably oubre’s best game of the season.For comparison, Curry has hit nine threes four times this season.Coming into this game, no one had hit 10 3-pointers this season.This year, it is not easy to hit 10 3-pointers in a single game because of the high intensity of competition and strict penalty system in NBA.In addition, Oubre’s plus-minus is plus-0.4 this season, up from minus-3.5 last season.Oubre has just one turnover this season, 0.3 fewer than last season.The numbers all suggest that Oubre is better at the details.Defensively, Oubre is also vastly underrated, as he was for the Warriors last season.The numbers don’t fully reflect Oubre’s defensive role, at least his defensive attitude is qualified.He is very active and defensive awareness is getting better and better.Today he is a good player and a reliable teammate.Oubre is 26 years old and in his junior year, and has shown great offensive firepower on the offensive end.When he’s hot, he plays like the Splash brothers.The wasp picked up the treasure.Oubre has created opportunities for himself. How good will he be in the future?Readers, how do you rate Oubre’s performance so far this season?Feel free to leave a comment below.