Guangdong hakka culture most dense city, under the jurisdiction of 2 districts, 1 city and 5 counties, going to the fair lively scene friendly

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On the way to travel, use the camera to record time, travel to take photos of the countryside, look at the ancient villages and towns, ordinary life scenery need not gorgeous just familiar.Welcome friends from all over the world to leave the beautiful scenery around you in the comments section, Huang Yangjun share with you the ordinary and familiar scenery in life.Going wei, the traditional day, has always been involved in the life and emotion of the hakka people in the countryside in its unique way, and is also full of our memory.For those of us who grew up in the countryside, going to a country fair is a kind of expectation. When we were young, we looked forward to going to a country fair led by adults the most, because there are delicious candies, delicious soft drinks and toys in the streets. The country fair is full of beautiful surprises.When we are in the big city, naturally, we also miss the unique lively atmosphere of the market in our hometown.There are no large shopping malls or supermarkets in the countryside, so the traditional villages and towns have fair markets.Generally, the fair meets the polder day according to the lunar calendar, and the cycle is three or five days apart.Sometimes villagers flock to the fair cheerfully in groups.Going to Wei is an interesting thing, because it is a tiny colorful and real society.Every time I go to the polder, the fair is always full.Farmers grow their own vegetables, bamboo shoots and other bamboo woven products, selling kitchen utensils stalls on POTS and pans, there are rickshaws to sell meat.The small country fair is so full that no car can get into it at all.The smell of fried sausage, pork in vinegar and stewed chicken feet wafted from the cooked food shop, the sound of the wastebasket being moved, and the excited chirping of poultry in the cage.There was a lot of noise, a lot of hustle and bustle, and it was such a joy.Children pester adults to buy sugar cane or cotton candy, follow the shopping around, feel the ease and beauty of life.In meizhou, the tourist capital, many places keep the tradition of going to polder Day.Meizhou, located in the northeast of Guangdong province, has beautiful scenery and rich landforms. It is an important meeting point of central Plains culture and southern culture. It is famous for its unique Hakka culture, known as “the world’s guest capital” and the cradle of red Revolution.Meizhou covers an area of 15,800 square kilometers, with 2 municipal districts, 1 county-level city and 5 counties under its jurisdiction.Meizhou, with its picturesque landscape, has accumulated various forms of cultural heritage, such as earth building, Weilongwu, Zouma Building, Five Phoenixes Building, four-point gold building, multi-bar building and a mixture of Chinese and Western styles. It is a unique tourist destination full of charm with profound history and culture, rich and diverse ethnic customs, beautiful natural scenery and red-hot feelings.Beautiful Meizhou has a strong hakka culture folk, going to wei is known by many Meizhou people hakka folk.Wei City is a place full of human fireworks.However, China is a vast country, and markets in different places have very different characteristics.It is impossible to see the bustling fair from one end to the other. It is a heaven of things. It is a world that dazzles people and makes them forget to leave.Meizhou, the city with the strongest Hakka culture in Guangdong, has jurisdiction over 2 districts, 1 city and 5 counties.Take photos of plants, countryside, old houses, ancient buildings and towns around us. The scenery in our life is not gorgeous but familiar.Welcome to follow, collect, forward, leave your words.This article by Huang Yangjun photography original, thank you for your attention, Huang Yangjun will always be on the road with the camera record familiar but extraordinary beauty, with words to take you together to see more intimate extraordinary knowledge!