What about lewis vs. Riddick Bowe?Expert: Some people can’t overcome their inner demons

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Few boxing fans will forget the moment in the 1990s when then-heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe threw his WBC belt in the trash to reject Lennox Lewis.Earlier, Lewis destroyed Donovan “Razor” Ruddock to win a challenge to Riddick Bowe, who showed rare fear for the fight.Riddick Bowe was roundly criticized by the public for rejecting Lewis, and the heavyweight “Big MAC battle” was never restaged.If you know anything about the history between Lewis and Riddick Bowe, it’s clear that they played each other as amateurers. It was in the final of the 91+ kg division at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, when Lewis beat Riddick Bowe by TKO.Riddick Bowe was helpless against lewis’s powerful right – handed attacks, and defeat was inevitable.There is no doubt in many people’s mind that it was the Olympic ordeal that made Riddick Bowe reluctant to face Lewis again.In sports, there is a saying that more than half of the game is won or lost by mental factors, the rest by physical and technical ability, some athletes can overcome psychological trauma, some never will.Boxing expert and sports Illustrated reporter Lee Daley believes so. He has studied the Lewis/Riddick Bowe story in depth. When asked what would happen if Lewis VS Riddick Bowe met?Daley said he felt riddick Bowe would not be able to beat Lewis even if they met again in professional boxing because he could not repair the damage.Daley said: “in the dick – he never recovered from the shadow of the defeat, so it is impossible to find a way to crack the lewis, each fighters have their own inner demons, we often see people hard to win anyway, this is the inner demons in do mischief, dick – bao will never be able to overcome his inner demons.”What is Riddick Bowe’s inner demon?It was probably the feeling of being hit hard by Lewis, of not being able to forget the pain of the experience, which affected his mind and his performance.Riddick Bowe is widely believed to have enough talent to make him one of the greatest boxers of all time.Sadly, for all his size and talent, Riddick Bowe lacks the passion to be the best athlete in the sport and, like Mike Tyson, he suffers from a severe lack of discipline.The mature and steady Mr Lewis, by contrast, has no such problem.The real pinnacle of Lewis’s boxing career would have been under the guidance of the legendary coach Manuel Steward, who helped Lewis unify the heavyweight division without a legendary trainer like Steward when Lewis fought Riddick Bowe, and many felt that,When a better, better Lewis faces Riddick Bowe, riddick Bowe is likely to be stopped again.There are no what-ifs. It’s hard to tell who won because Lewis and Riddick Bowe didn’t meet in the pros.Personally, although Lewis, Riddick – bao are typical height, arm length, but the style of the two are not the same.Lewis play more orthodox, excels at the cosco distance control, dick – bao style in relative enthusiasm, although his jab control ability is also quite good, but dick – bao insider combination attack ability is far better than lewis, dare not to say dick – he will revenge lewis, just from the perspective of appreciation, popular index, dick – bao is obviously superior to the lewis.This article is original, no. 100 first, plagiarism, draft washing is prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted.