To ridge pharmaceutical trading new highs, pharmaceutical plate is also worth adding cang?

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Recently, the a-share pharmaceutical market is active, with Ling pharmaceutical closed by the daily limit, the share price also created A record high, the current share price has reached 34.69 yuan, the company’s total market value of 57.957 billion yuan.As for the company’s shareholding, it can be found that the qianhai Open Source TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine (TCM) stock A, the fund managed by Fan Jie, increased its position by 1,277,500 shares to 2,427,600 shares in the fourth quarter, with the holding market value of 47.581,400 million yuan, accounting for 8.14% of the net value.Meanwhile, huitanfu China Securities Traditional Chinese Medicine Index (LOF)A, A fund managed by “goddess of medicine” Guo Beibei, increased its position by 237,800 shares to 1,937,900 shares in the fourth quarter, with A market value of 37.9821 million yuan, accounting for 3.23% of its net value.Comprehensive to ling pharmaceutical stock price trend, there are more floating surplus.The fortune of Wu Yiling, founder of Yiling Pharmaceutical, has also risen along with the stock price.According to Forbes’ real-time rich list, Wu yiling remains shijiazhuang’s richest man with a fortune of $5 billion, well ahead of CAI Dongchen, shijiazhuang’s second-richest man with a fortune of $3.4 billion.As of April 7 before the press, Yiling pharmaceutical rose 8.33%, the total market value of 62.651 billion yuan.If you want to invest, you can first use the image APP to understand the company’s operation, and then let’s have a look!It can be seen from data query by software that Yiling Pharmaceutical co., LTD had a big gain this week and its stock was relatively hot, which may be related to the recent repeated COVID-19 epidemic.According to the risk index data, the value is 41 and the value index is 74, indicating that the company’s stock price is of high investment value and the risk is stable, and it is a good investment object in the near future.According to the investment return, the dividend yield of the company is 8.26%, the dividend raising ratio is 164.20%, and the stock price increases 47.97%. Since its listing, the company has created a profit of 14.256 billion yuan, which is a good overall performance.According to the previous year’s dividend yield data below, the company’s investment return skyrocketed from 0.72% to 3.46% after the outbreak of COVID-19.If you want to invest in a company’s stock, you need to know the company’s debt to asset ratio, otherwise your shares will be caught up if the company goes bankrupt, for example.So the current asset-liability ratio of Yiling Pharmaceutical is 31.05%, the short-term loan reaches 500 million yuan, the liability index belongs to the lower middle position, and occupies a certain market in the competitiveness of the industry.(Disclaimer: The content and data are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.Investors operate accordingly at their own risk)