The special Economic Zone 2022 Investment promotion and Investment Promotion Work Conference was held to launch comprehensive investment promotion and investment promotion

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On April 1, the special Economic Zone’s 2022 Investment promotion conference was held, mobilizing the leading officials of the region to seize the opportunity, take the initiative, and devote themselves to the front line of investment promotion and investment promotion, making all-out efforts to promote the high-quality development of tourism economy and society in the special Economic Zone.Shi Lilong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shiyan Municipal People’s Congress and Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee of the Special Zone, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Special zone leaders Yang Wu, Zhang Xiaojie, Gao Qingping, Liu Jianping, Xiong Tao, Lu Jinhua, Wang Jun, Li Chengsheng, Li Peng, Yu Jianqiang attended the meeting.Shi Lilong pointed out that investment is a local high quality development of the total engine, is to shine wudang brand, the realization of highlights in Wudang is an important measure, but also the most effective means to crack the current economic difficulties of Wudang Mountain.We should always put projects first, investment first, and development first. We should always adhere to the “No. 1” and “No. 1 Project” in attracting investment. We should always break the ice with ideas to lead development and help attract investment.The dragon, to focus around “big tourism, health, culture” industry, in the big strong and move the new recruit, planning investment fluctuation kongfu, wudang mountain play a profound cultural background and rich cultural tourism resources, serious study key direction of investment promotion and capital introduction, implementation to resource guide, project investment and business investment,Further extend the industrial chain, enlarge the industrial scale, improve the quality of tourism economy.To further emancipate the mind, seize opportunities, efforts to solve the single way, depending on the weather, each fighting for himself, waiting for the door of investment promotion drawbacks, clear development goals, investment objectives, for domestic benchmark enterprises and advanced industries, to carry out accurate, pragmatic and efficient investment promotion activities.We should have a clear orientation of attracting investment. We should focus on three questions: what we have, what we want, and who can do it. We should make deep, accurate and thorough plans for projects and industries.We should strengthen the awareness of targeted investment promotion, strictly control the entry threshold of projects, improve the quality of investment promotion and investment introduction, actively collect and sort out investment promotion clues, pay close attention to effective information, and effectively introduce large and good projects with strength and brand name, so as to enhance the development momentum.We should strengthen services, further optimize the business environment, promote the “dian Er” spirit and the “chief service officer” system, and strive to build a clean and efficient service-oriented government through the whole process of providing services from investment promotion to project implementation.T the dragon, the main leaders of departments at various levels shall personally stresses, coordination, and personally oversee personally, take the lead in investment promotion planning project, take the lead, lead to the province and docking, to further establish and improve the assessment of investment promotion and capital introduction mechanism, rewards and punishment mechanism, strengthen the investment promotion and capital introduction work scheduling, through the investment promotion and capital introduction to be completed to promote high quality development in economy and society of wudang mountain.(Wudang Mountain Rong Media Center reporter Xu Gang Zhou Rongyi correspondent Wang Guihua) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of delivering more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: