The second season of “Line of the Sword of the Shrew”, 6 big beauty online, the appearance level all absolutely gorgeous!

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“Line of the Shrew” the first season has come to an end, if the most impressive is what, it should be xu Fengnian’s confidants, the same in the second season of the attention is also those new beauty, han brother to introduce you to the line of the Shrew in the second season of the six beauty will appear.First, “HuYan guanyin”, “the character in the original version and there is no account history, only know that she is Xu Fengnian pick up to a girl on the prairie, and even don’t know her own life, but the unknown origin HuYan guanyin with air shipment, and HuYan guanyin and Xu Fengnian of erotic scenes very much,And HuYan guanyin for Xu Fengnian help the biggest is the fate, he covered before cold mang wars, HuYan guanyin Xu Fengnian and had a conversation, as a result, circulates the fate to Xu Fengnian HuYan avalokitesvara, and she entered to the pavilion, although at last she left no more fate, but help Xu Fengnian won mang cold war.Second, li bai lion, the same women’s origin is unknown, but it is in the fierce dao “river lake in the world are known to have a champion of brothels, however, li bai lion is also Huang Sanjia cultivating pieces for many years, in the river’s lake, li bai lion has, debauchery double a title, a truly face, has become a weapon in the hands of a Huang Sanjia,To target in Huang Sanjia Xu Fengnian body, his brother ranger “WenHua” became a thorn in the side, so that the final WenHua since a broken arm, a leg, a word not practicing sword, out of the river, so to speak, li bai lion WenHua suicide is a woman, but is also obtained WenHua love, may not exist, li bai puma WenHua can advance the land god wonderland,But the hero sad beauty pass, WenHua also planted in this point, and this one is a beauty, the original evaluation of him is that the appearance is not to lose the nangongshan servant, third, Chen Yu, Chen Yu this role is like her name, drop-dead gorgeous and an, as a new rouge ranked second in the list of beauty, Chen Yu appearance levels do not lose the nangongshan servant,Xu Fengnian with Chen Yu met for the first time, is in the three years traveling passing the waterinfo river, two people have once, after the castle peak hillside lake meet again, this second meeting, Chen Yu directly by Xu Fengnian, intend to do to his brother syrmosaurus like her, but I didn’t think Chen Yu also is one of the pieces of Huang Sanjia,To design Wen Hua and Xu Fengnian, but ultimately failed.Originally Chen Yu was going to marry the emperor zhao Zhuan to seek protection, but failed to be successfully granted marriage by the queen, to the great emperor Zhao Wu, finally in Xu Fengnian broke into qin Tianjian, back to the cool mountain, became one of Xu Fengnian’s golden house.Fourth, willow Manila deer, willow Manila deer was born in the spring and autumn period and the royal family, but it is a woman of subjugation, full of life, although also is the kingdom of the princess, but not the fate of the willow Manila deer ginger mud, ranked sixth in the list of rouge, would be enough to confirm the willow Manila deer appearance level itself, but liu Manila deer beautiful face is become the plaything of all, have been sold for many times, andEnds up being a RuJiang song dai li likes the be fond of of income in the house, for liu Manila deer in the original description also not many, and the role with Xu Fengnian nor too much, so in the second quarter to willow Manila deer characterization should also not too much, but he had a reputation of peach blossom immediately feet, sentiment is also high, although became the embryo song dai li hands plaything of color,But maybe the writers will change his background in season 2.Remains to be seen at the back of this one, his name is very interesting, and somewhat similar to a girl with hehe, fifth, thank you, thank you this character is born in the spring and autumn period and the top 10 hao valve Xie Jia, on the appearance level list when I was 14 years old, the measure of thank the level and beautiful in appearance, her life loving dog figure Chen Zhibao, under the support of Chen Zhibao,Thank you became the west sichuan first door, spring the owner of the cottage, to thank portrait has such a word, the skin such as suet jade, holding the first four packages, skin white, is a feature, thank you so also known as the moon fairy, only follow beside Chen Zhibao, after the thing series from jiangshan, and Chen Zhibao unify retirement hills,How will the pair be portrayed in season 2?Sixth crow, Lin Lin is Wang Xianzhi third disciple, is also the world’s leading learners master, after all, she’s teacher is second to none, the disciple is not too bad, for the woods’s portrait is the most attractive point, that is is all female role she is one of the most tall, tall, Lin crow but don’t have charm,Three times among rouge list, in now, may be the title of royal elder sister, in the original version, crow and protagonist Lin Xu Fengnian without too much overlap, but the son of the xi river government and yuan ding is a pair of c p, but at the end of the cold mang wars, for the woods bittern and the end of the river government butyl nor too much, I hope in the second quarter,These new beauties can find suitable actors to play, and there will be no more incidents of netizens questioning the casting.The second season will be even better, and if the fighting scenes can be improved, it could be a classic.Well, that’s all for today.Which of these characters are you most looking forward to playing?Or who you think would be the best actor to play, let us know in the comments, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.