“The Fireworks of The World” : “Her Power” in wenzhou’s 70 Years of development

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Zhejiang news client reporter Li Jiao Yan correspondent Song Jiayin tracing wenzhou’s millennia-old cultural vein, a large number of literati in all dynasties, leaving a glittering literary treasures.For this, every Wenzhou person is proud of it.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, life in Ouyue has undergone earth-shaking changes. Many Wenji writers have made great efforts to write and record, and determined to write biographies for the brave and hardworking wenzhou people. “Kuangshi Fireworks” is one of them.”Fireworks from the World” is an excellent realistic novel that tells the history of wenzhou’s development and progress in the 70 years since the founding of new China from a female perspective. It is a project funded by Zhejiang Culture and Art Development Fund and a key work supported by Chinese Writers Association. It won the first prize of the first National Online Literature Contest.It was selected as one of the top ten influential IP addresses of the 3rd China Network Literature + Conference, the top Ten Super potential IP addresses of China in 2019, and the potential works of film and TV adaptation of IP network literature in 2019-2020.The book shows the turbulent life of wenzhou women in the past 70 years. The protagonist, Xu Yijin, from the age of 20 to 90, changes from a poor and wealthy young lady to a widow, a farmer’s wife and a teacher, and finally becomes a legendary businessman who takes part in social changes.Her turbulent life with The Times can be said to be the growth history of a woman, also can be said to be the history of changes of an era, with “her power”, retain the era of the great fireworks.Bai Ye, president of China Contemporary Literature Research Association, pointed out: “Fireworks of Kuang Shi reflects the fate of a group of people through the ups and downs of the female protagonist’s fate over the decades, reflecting on society and history with the unique female narrative perspective.This work reflects the ups and downs of the family’s fate in social turmoil and historical changes through individuals, which is very profound.”In addition, “Kuangshi fireworks” there are many rich female roles, such as xu Yijin when the “imaginary enemy” of the former women’s director Guan Xuetong, Guan Xuetong’s daughter Ye Xinxin, and oak village party secretary Chen Qingzhou’s wife Duanmujin Ser, daughter Chen Xiaonan, and so on.These different classes, different ages of women in the historical trend of a magnificent change, become witnesses and witnesses, can be said to be a female version of the world.Wenzhou not only stands at the forefront of the reform and opening up, but also is a famous hometown of hundreds of works and retains many fine traditions. The book also uses a lot of space to show the strong local cultural characteristics and regional characteristics of Wenzhou.For example, when Xu Yijin lived on the island, teacher Su and other fishermen who took good care of her led xu yijin’s family and readers to experience many wenzhou folk customs.In the book, the description of the traditional folk custom of “picking bird lanterns” on February 2 every year also shows the readers the scenes of tying bird lanterns and rehearsing the bird lantern dance.Xu yijin’s younger brother, Xu Ruokong, was obsessed with the craft of making mother-of-pearl lacquerware, which was made in a non-lacquer-producing area by wenzhou residents with diligence and wisdom, and became famous at home and abroad.This is wenzhou’s “her power”, is the most gentle and powerful force in the fireworks of the world, containing the big world of small cities and towns, the big pattern of small women, the big business of small goods, the big philosophy of small people and the big culture of small places.About the author: Chen Niang, a realist network literature writer, wenzhou “Four batch” talent.His works are more traditional, focusing on depicting land, history and culture, such as “Three Lives of Fengwu”, “Legend of the Nation’s Master craftsmen” and “Fireworks from the Ancient World”, all telling wonderful stories that happened in Wenzhou.