【 Learn party history do practical matters 】 parking sweep code difficult?The community repeatedly studied the precise solution

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The exit of the parking lot is very inconvenient to scan. Can you fix it?”Zhang Xiansheng, a resident of Yiran community in Liyuan Town, reported the problem to the community after discovering that he had to try several times every day to sweep the code to pay the parking fee when driving out of the parking lot.Considering that it may be caused by the reflection of the sealing film on the surface of the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, Fu Yuyu, the party branch secretary of the community, contacted the property and posted several two-dimensional codes around the original one to ensure that at least one two-dimensional code was not reflective when the owner scanned the code from different angles.After the two-dimensional code can be added, Mr. Zhang called again to reflect the inconvenience of scanning code, Fu Yu Yu came to the exit of the parking lot and the security of the community to study together: “The owner is generally in what direction to scan code?”They estimated the distance from the driver’s seat to the gate and the distance from the driver’s seat to the gate, and determined the approximate position of the car owner when he arrived at the exit of the parking lot.Standing in the position of the owner to try to sweep code, Fu Yu Yu found that the reason for the inconvenience of scanning code is that the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code is too small.Therefore, Fu Yuyu changed the A4 paper that printed the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code into A3 paper, and moved the two-dimensional code from the railing far away from the car owner to the near gate post, and then observed and adjusted the two-dimensional code from the general orientation of the car owner, and posted the two-dimensional code in the best position.”Now lift the mobile phone can sweep the code, thank you!”After the problem was solved, Mr. Zhang thanked the community.Reporter Tian Zhaoyu responsible editor Zhang Manfei