“Concern” tonight 19:40, meet ningxia Spring Festival Gala

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The 2022 Ningxia Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast simultaneously on Ningxia SATELLITE TV at 19:40 on February 1.The 2022 Ningxia Spring Festival Gala is about to kick off with a shock.For the people of the whole district to present a full taste of literary dinner.This year’s Spring Festival Gala will focus on the Yellow River and showcase ningxia’s achievements in economic and social development through five sections: Returning to Ningxia In Spring, Yellow River is my Home, Harmonious Family, Beautiful New Ningxia and Forging ahead in a New Era.As an annual New Year gala, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala in Ningxia will feature a variety of forms and contents, including opera, skits, crosstalk and songs and dances, creating a new atmosphere of the New Year.Famous singers Chen Hong, Ping an, Wang Qi will bring the familiar songs “Often go home to see”, “small dream big dream”, “Coco tohai shepherd”, Ping an and Wang Xiaowei will also sing the original song “Watch the stars with you”.Along the Eight provinces of The Yellow Brothers to send blessings to express the determination of high-quality development of the Yellow River basin;Lin Chan-hee, the character of Professor Lin Yinong, the main character of the TV drama “Shan Hai Qing”, will also send Chinese New Year greetings at the party.Ningxia Spring Festival Gala program is here!Be there or be square at 19:40 tonight source: Ningxia Guangdian Rong Media News Center