12 years old child everyday a needle grows hormone, half an year grows tall 10 centimeters?Is this really a good shot?

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From appearance anxiety to height anxiety, now what began to “roll”, the children grow tall itself is a natural growth law, but now some people are used to sell anxiety, there are a lot of “long needle”, “high needle”……These are actually injections of growth hormone, the mythical stuff that claims to make children under 12 “10cm taller by taking an injection every day for six months.”To understand the truth of the “height needle”, we have to start with hormones.What is growth hormone?Growth hormone is a substance secreted by the pituitary gland, which regulates metabolism, promotes bone growth and helps children develop normally. It is commonly used to treat short stature and dwarfism in children.Does growth hormone work?For example, the famous football star Lionel Messi was a classic case of dwarfism as a child. Although he was highly talented, he was short in height. Thanks to growth hormone injections, he was able to stand on the pitch again.It can be seen that growth hormone can really help some short children find confidence.But not everyone can use it.Can the child be hit low growth hormone?Growth hormone injection is only suitable for children who lack growth hormone, and can not be expanded at will.To know, growth hormone deficiency is very rare, the probability of this disease in the United States is less than one in 10,000, and according to statistics, the incidence of growth hormone deficiency in children in China is lower than that in the United States.In other words, most children do not lack growth hormone and do not need to be injected.What side effect does injection grow hormone have?1, endocrine disorder if the child endocrine normal, but also abuse growth hormone, may lead to internal endocrine system disorder, affect appetite, lead to children appear obesity or precocious symptoms.2, thyroid dysfunction in some children during the injection of growth hormone thyroid function will temporarily decrease, resulting in fatigue, obesity, hair loss, affect intelligence, and even slow down the growth rate of children.3, elevated blood sugar injection of growth hormone will also have some children abnormal blood sugar phenomenon, this time to pay attention to the detection of children’s blood sugar changes, beware of diabetes and other diseases.4, expensive and useless under normal circumstances, the doctor will not come up to beat growth hormone.So many of the “sky-high” growth hormones on the market may not be true, it is reported that some parents spent 480,000 yuan to give hormone to their children, only to grow one centimeter taller in two years.Do not hit the word of hormone, what to grow tall secret?1, supplement nutrition, regulate the spleen and stomach for tall, the spleen and stomach is very important.Because the spleen and stomach is in charge of the transportation and digestion of nutrients, absorption, only the material is fully absorbed, the body can absorb nutrients, bones can grow healthily.As for nutrition, parents can give their children more milk, eggs, green vegetables, high-quality protein, fish, etc., but also don’t forget to add fruit, so as to achieve a balanced nutrition.About the spleen and stomach, can give the child to add some help digestion ingredients, such as hawthorn, yam, chicken gold and other medicinal materials of comprehensive nutrients plus le element, which hawthorn spleen appetizer, can stimulate the child’s appetite, let the child eat delicious body;Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, protect the gastric mucosa, and reconcile the spleen and stomach.Chicken gold can promote digestion, improve indigestion and other problems, help the human body digestion;In addition, it also contains ossein peptide and walnut peptide, not only can promote digestion and absorption, but also can improve the calcium content of bones, strong bones, promote bone growth.Appropriate supplement to help improve children’s spleen and stomach health.2 insist on exercise, exercise physical exercise can not only help children improve immunity, but also stretch limbs, help the human body to speed up metabolism, promote the secretion of growth hormone, stimulate bone development.Swimming can help children stretch their limbs and facilitate their development.Ball sports such as basketball, volleyball and so on can stimulate the cells of the leg bone, strengthen the child’s bone, improve the bone density, which is of great benefit to the development of the bone.Regulate the use of growth hormone is imminent, let us refuse to abuse growth hormone, say no to it, and in daily life to supplement the child’s nutrition, regulate the spleen and stomach, and children to adhere to sports, physical exercise, can healthy growth, grow into a tall man as soon as possible!## Daily health tips # pay attention to @Tuckahoe Health  Share health knowledge every day