When I was being chased and beaten, my siblings, who were well off, did not even open their doors

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Zheng Qiushi did not expect that zhao Ru, the daughter of her second sister Zheng Xiayan, would be so hostile to him.Early in the morning, genius Liang went to the toilet in the courtyard to relieve himself. When he came back, he heard Zhao Ru complain: “Why did you take him in?Have you forgotten what they did to us?I’ll never forget it!”Zheng Xiayan ignored, only bent down to sweep the yard.Zhao Ru stopped her mother, also want to say something more, looked up and saw Zheng Qiushi, leng for a moment, estimated that he had got up.Zheng Qiushi awkwardly pestle there, after a good while, to react, shouted a second sister, and then tried to grab her hand broom.”No, no, you can’t do that. Wash your hands and get ready for breakfast.”Zheng Qiushi no longer insist, began to go into the room to wash, he heard Zhao Ru behind him grumbled a: “hum, can’t think of you also have today!”Although Zheng qiushi tried to pretend as if nothing had happened, the shaking of his body betrayed him.Zheng qiushi did not expect that he would end up in such a situation.Zheng Qiushi’s biological parents were both honest rural people who lived in the fields for food.Four children were born in succession, two sons and two daughters.But because the family is really poor, Zheng Qiushi five years old, by a distant relatives can not bear the adoption.Relatives in the city, an old couple.Treat him very good, delicious good drink wait on, but also for him on the technical secondary school.Technical secondary school graduate, the school recommended the job, the result he does not want to stem however, rang rang wants oneself to start a business.At the end of the 1990s, the county real estate industry rose, Zheng Qiushi struggled for two or three years, unexpectedly vacated the hall, set up a construction team, specialized in building for people, in a few years made a pot full of pot full.With some money, Zheng qiushi began to show off.He went to his real parents and, in front of many people, threw them a fistful of money and thanked them for sending him away, otherwise he wouldn’t have the wonderful life he has now.The two old men were dumbstruck. They didn’t know where to begin. They just murmured, “It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back.”Zheng Qiushi came back, the most happy is his elder brother Zheng Chunhua and little sister Zheng Dongmei.They heard before Zheng Qiushi developed in the city, would like to go to him, but has been unable to find the right reason.Now, Zheng Qiushi driving a luxury car to come back, they can be very happy.Eldest brother and little sister scrambled to let Zheng Qiushi go to his home, a brother brother brother brother to call, do not mention more affectionate.Thus, the brother and sister began to seek Zheng Qiushi’s help from time to time.Zheng likes the feeling of being dependent.The eldest brother’s son wanted to take the driver’s license, he fart fart to pay for his registration;Then he gave money to his nephew to buy a car with others, running transportation.My sister wanted to open a small restaurant in town, and he was ready to back a sum of money.He became closer to his older brother and younger sister, so close that he never seemed to part.There is only one in four siblings.Is his second sister Zheng Xiayan, obviously the poorest family, but never asked him to help.Every time I saw him, he was civil, not affectionate.Even The wife of Zheng Qiushi all felt, complain to him: “you that two elder sister most hypocritical, poor jingle ring, also see oneself lofty!”Zheng Qiushi ignored his wife’s talking, thought: “the second sister want to lofty lofty, since she is not willing to take the initiative to open their mouth, there is no need to give, he is rich, but the money is not the wind.Therefore, get along with several years, Zheng Qiushi and two elder sister’s affection, has been not far not close tepid.”Things happen turning point, it is in Zheng Xiayan’s daughter Zhao Ru, take an examination of the city key high school that year.Perhaps in order not to delay her daughter’s future, the cornered Zheng Xiayan finally put down his stature, to ask Zheng Qiushi.That day, it was raining, Zheng Xiayan held a broken umbrella with a broken support, with Zhao Ru, took a long way, knocked on the door of Zheng Qiushi’s home.Zheng’s brow furrowed as he looked at their mud-covered shoes and trouser legs.Sensitive Jeong ha-yeon noticed this and rubbed her hands as if she had made up her mind, saying, I will speak at the door.I want to borrow some money from you for Xiao Ru’s enrollment. It is not easy for her to be admitted to a key high school.Don’t worry, I’ll pay it back as soon as possible. I can pay the interest.”Finish finish, Zheng Xiayan looked at him full of expectation, Zhao Ru is also.Zheng Qiushi is thinking about how to answer, but his wife called him in.After a while, there was a quarrel in the room, and the sharp voice of a woman could be heard clearly in their eardrums: “Don’t you know that emergency is not poverty?When are we gonna get the money back on her terms?At the very least, if you want to borrow money, show it to anyone as if it were cold virtue…”Zheng Xiayan did not continue to listen, she took Zhao Ru left, walked for a short time, and stopped to stand and wait for a while, no one chased out, they left completely.Zheng qiushi later heard that Zhao Ru’s father had asked the quarry owner to advance his salary at half the price so that he could raise enough money for her tuition.In fact, Zheng qiushi had a moment of regret, he hesitated that day, did not go out to chase.Later also wanted to remedy, but some things, after that pass no meaning, this matter is delayed.Two years later, Zheng Qiushi had an accident.His construction crew was working when scaffolding fell and hit people, killing two.Zheng Qiushi is actually a contractor, there is no registered company, just hanging in the company with qualifications under the work.After the accident, the boss left, and he owed his engineering team six months.Zheng Qiushi lai not to drop, all the belongings lost in, still not enough.His wife divorced him immediately, took the kids and went into hiding.Two dead family members, all day staring at Zheng Qiushi.Zheng Qiushi can compensate all the compensation, still can not make them satisfied, they can not get money, began to play, several times almost beat him disabled.Zheng Qiushi felt that he did not run, will be killed, so he also fled.But where could he escape to?Broke and bruised.Thought for a long time, he decided to find a place to keep the injury well, and then do the next step.Zheng qiushi first looked for his elder brother, Zheng Chunhua.His biological parents and foster parents have passed away, in his eyes, the eldest brother is the closest person.When he slipped to his eldest brother’s house under the cover of darkness and knocked on the door softly, he heard his sister-in-law say: “Zheng Chunhua, how dare you open the door?Can you handle him?If not, better draw the line in the first place!”Zheng Chunhua listened to the silence, did not speak, did not open the door for his brother.Zheng Qiushi’s heart, needle prick like sad, in recent years, to help the eldest brother son bought a car to make a living, money to the eldest brother home up a new house, now the eldest brother a prosperous day, can be said to rely on their own help.But now…When he was in trouble, his eldest brother wouldn’t even open the door.He wanted to scream and ask them, “Why didn’t you draw the line at me when I was great?”But he didn’t say anything and left silently to find his little sister Zheng Dongmei.As a result, Zheng dongmei said almost the same thing.Zheng Qiushi face, humble request little sister to eat, let yourself stay for a few days, their recuperation will leave.The little sister didn’t even open the door for him, but told him to hurry away!Zheng Qiushi full of grief and anger, but for their own money to the little sister in the county opened a restaurant, they are still at home farming.Leaving his sister’s house, despair struck at his heart, and he walked aimlessly, looking at the cars that passed by now and then, and suddenly felt an impulse to jump into the middle of the road and finish it all.He was thirty-five, and his colorful life had just begun, was it coming to an end?No, no, if there’s a silver lining, he should try.He remembered that there was a person to find, that is the second sister Zheng Xiayan.However, he could not remember which village the second sister had married to. It seemed to be the poorest village in the north.After a long time of effort, he finally remembered that he had been to the village once, as if it was the Spring Festival, a group of people encouraged to go together.He was driving, and he just took one look at her, but he didn’t go in.He found Zheng xiayan’s house after a long walk in the moonlight according to his vague memory.By this time, it was almost dawn.Standing at the door, Zheng Qiushi some uneasy, he could not imagine, if Zheng Xiayan also refused him, what should he do?He took a few deep breaths, plucked up his courage, lifted his less injured left hand, and began to knock on the door, calling softly to his second sister.Knocked for a good while, no response, Zheng Qiushi was discouraged.In fact, he had expected this result, after all, the eldest brother and the younger sister could shut him out, the second sister had more reason.Zheng Qiushi decadent sitting on the threshold, he seems very uncomfortable, and seems to be relieved, he himself can not say what is the feeling.While he was thinking, a noise came from the room.Zheng asked in a low voice, “Who?Is it Choy?”Zheng Qiushi suddenly stood up, choked answer: “yes, it is me, two elder sister.”Zheng Xiayan suddenly opened the door, zheng Qiushi welcomed into the house, gave him a bowl of noodles, under the two eggs.Call her husband called a basin of hot water, with a towel to scrub zheng Qiushi wound, coated with ointment, while coated with tears.Zheng Qiushi also shed tears, shed tears let him eat with noodles.In this way, Zheng Qiushi lived in the second sister, lived four or five days, the second sister to him still with alienation, but he has been able to understand, her personality is that way.The second brother – in – law was also kind to him.It wasn’t until the weekend, when Ms. Zhao, a sophomore in high school, went home, that Mr. Zheng faced hostility.She often criticized him in front of her mother, and never lowered her voice as if she were telling him on purpose.In addition to schadenfreude, in addition to indignant, Zhao Ru also love parents, she said: “Mom, you are ready to let him live how long, he has hands and feet, younger than you, the body is better than you, every day at home waste?”Without looking up, Zheng retorted, “He is my younger brother. If he is willing to live here, I will support him all my life.But I’m sure he won’t stay like this.”Zheng Qiushi cried, in order to two elder sister does not dislike him, but also to two elder sister believe him.A few months later, zheng qiushi, recovering from his injuries, decided to leave and look for work in the provinces where he believed those people could not catch up.Zheng Xiayan still did not say anything, gave him 300 yuan travel expenses, boiled a few eggs, sent him on his way.In the province of Zheng Qiushi suffered a lot of pain, but fortunately, rich in experience, the old line of work in his hands, three years later he climbed up again.Two years later, the runaway boss was caught, the victim’s family was compensated and Zheng stopped chasing him, so he returned home and officially registered his company.This time back home, the eldest brother and the younger sister were the first to contact him and said many good things about him, saying that they had believed he would make a comeback.Well said that finish, they ran to Zheng Qiushi company, brother said his son to buy tens of thousands of poor, little sister said her hotel reloaded equipment, asked him to help.Zheng Qiushi listened, smiled, called to the company’s financial, see if you can from the account fulcrum money.Finance is his troubles in a foreign land these years, Zheng Qiushi drunk and he talked about his own things.Finance look at the big brother and little sister, immediately understand.Understanding to pull a voice to say: “Oh, Mr. Zheng, I know you have a good heart, see stray cats stray dogs can not help relief, but WE are a small company, how much money can earn?There are so many poor people in the world. Can you help them?If not, better draw the line in the first place!”Eldest brother want to anger, but look at Zheng Qiushi shady face, did not dare to open.The younger sister blushed and blanched at the familiar words, and could not open her mouth.A few days later, the second sister’s birthday, Zheng Qiushi in the county’s largest restaurant.The second sister could not stop her, and finally said, “Then you call the eldest brother and the younger sister, after all, they are a family.”On the banquet table, eldest brother with wine strength, crying a nose a tear, said he was sorry to his brother, zheng Qiushi forgive yourself.Zheng qiushi smiled and said, “Brother, what are you talking about? Every family has a difficult story to read, and your family is not easy. I didn’t take it to heart.Let’s not talk about it again.”Eldest brother excitedly blush thick neck, one breath dry several cups.The younger sister also hurriedly took the opportunity to come up to wipe tears, one by one, dear brother ah, I was too young not sensible.Zheng Qiushi and eldest brother little sister touched a cup: “one family does not say two words, we are still close brother and sister.”Brother and little sister happy, a heart just fell to the ground, but listen to Zheng Qiushi on the point of a change: “But the old saying, brothers clear accounts, now I this business surface looking at the scenery, in fact also carrying a lot of bank loans, brother and little sister last time said to borrow money, I really is powerless.After all, there are so many people in the company who depend on me for support, all of whom are friends in need during my years in a foreign country.”When he had said this, he saw the faces of his eldest brother and his youngest sister change from sunny to cloudy, and said no more.Later the meal, we eat each bosom worry, words in the words outside the embarrassment.But the second sister is still the same, with did not hear them speak, still light to who, neither cold nor hot words.Zheng Qiushi remembered the words of the second sister: “I don’t care how he used to treat me, I just want me to do my own heart.”At the moment of refusing eldest brother and little sister, Zheng Qiushi understood the meaning behind the words: some people with the reaction of the other side of life, you report me to peach, I cast to Li;Some people just like to live according to their heart, no matter who they are, as long as they have a clear conscience.Zheng Qiushi knew that he could not become the second kind of person like the second sister, but he would try to put the first kind of people as well, take good care of the second sister for the rest of his life.END focus on emotional story push every day