What’s a fascia gun for? Is it an IQ tax?Here comes the fascia gun recommendation!

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Recently, fascia gun has attracted more and more attention in the fitness world, and is called a necessary artifact for bodybuilders.But some people think the fascia gun is marketed and doesn’t work.What’s so special about the fascia gun?Intelligence quotient tax, must understand well before proceed!Let me start with my fascia gun purchase experience:The NBA at half-time to see James with a very cool equipped relaxing the muscles and wonder at the first glance what is this Until one time down the empty body lying on the mat, waist ache muscles was hit back and forth, ask the coach this is fascia gun, professional deep relaxation, and that more than two hundred bought a,I bought it and used it as a decoration for two days to collect dust at home.A closer look later revealed that the fascia gun uses high-frequency vibrations to send force deep into the muscle or fascia, speeding up blood circulation to the sore area.Targeted to relieve muscle fatigue, very suitable for use after exercise;The fascia gun can also be used to stimulate and wake up the muscles before exercise to warm them up and reduce the chance of injury.Let’s put it this way: as long as you choose the right fascia gun used by the workers are fine!How do YOU choose the right fascia gun? I’ve bought a lot of fascia guns at all price points and RAY is here to give you three different fascia guns at different price points.Canada Nutria product advantages: warm grip not ice hands, excellent performance of massage strength and depth, 0.9kg girls can easily use, the muscle groups of the body can match with the gift of the massage head, the parameters of the high price of the people.Product disadvantages: the front cooling hole safety is high, but the noise is relatively large in the acceptance range.There is only one color match, the color is simple.American sea ace product advantages: the fascia gun in the field of big brother, a professional fascia gun, is equipped with five massage head, both hitting ability and the massage effect is very good product faults: the weight of 1.1 kg for girls and for people who want to use for a long time is a little hard, arm will ache rather less than fascia gun’s initial role, slightly more expensive price.(rich people when I did not say) Advantages of Domestic yunmai products: the sales volume of domestic brands is also among the best, the shell design is simple and atmospheric in line with the middle and high-end positioning, hitting the lowest grade is also very aggressive.Product disadvantages: poor stability, strong vibration feel, body without heat dissipation and the most important point since heavy equivalent to two bottles of 500ML water.New Cui Ya: ratio of players, not his performance is good, under one thousand yuan, one thousand yuan on didn’t he cost-effective Gao Haibo ace: professional players, one thousand yuan on the top of the price and the same strength, price slightly low clouds aam: big weight, hope the stability with weight would change with the click of a better welcome to lu small make up column, won’t make you empty-handed