What do you mean standby machine

2022-06-10 0 By

The spare phone is a second mobile phone, which can also be used as a work phone or for emergencies.It’s cheap, it’s practical, it’s meaningful and collectible.1. For some reason, such as mobile phones are lost or returned to the factory maintenance, in order to meet the needs of the ordinary life and additional preparation a second phone, it can also be called is the standby machine, standby mobile phone can satisfy the most basic social activity, before the original mobile phone can use mobile phone standby machine can satisfy the most basic social needs, and because it is a spare machine,It doesn’t have to be better than the original phone.2. Second-hand mobile phone is not suitable for standby phone. Since it is a second mobile phone, it is naturally a second-generation flagship phone, whose price is similar to that of the mainstream phone, but with slightly stronger performance.Second, the mobile phone market is mixed, unavoidably cheated.Rather than worry about the quality of the machine life, it is better to choose a better mainstream machine.3. As a backup machine, the performance requirement is not so high, and the endurance is the requirement.Second, the battery life of mobile phones is limited, and the aging of components affects the battery life as new phones.Better mainstream machine as a standby machine, performance is guaranteed, but also can experience the latest scientific and technological achievements, is the first choice for standby machine.