The whole country only this one private enterprise!Hebi is the “invisible champion” of the airbag industry.

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Dahe Daily yu video reporter Gao Peng “the car nylon airbag of the air bag wire, the lady with LV bag of nylon line, are produced by us.”On February 19, in the enterprise exhibition hall, Zhongwei Chemical Fiber Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongwei chemical Fiber”) vice general manager Wang Hailun introduced.The company he works for is located in Hebi Qi County, which is the only private enterprise in China that can produce nylon airbag wire.Wang Hailun mouth of the air bag silk, is high-end nylon material – nylon 66.Compared with traditional polyester industrial silk, nylon silk has higher strength, higher melting point and better friction resistance.For a long time, nylon 66 automobile airbag wire production technology and technology is firmly controlled by transnational giants, the world only the United States invidia, Germany PHP, Japan toray and other six automobile airbag wire production enterprises.”We’re trying to make products that no one else can make.”Wang Helun said, in the chemical fiber industry and well-known experts at home and abroad, has successfully developed and mastered the core production technology of nylon 66 automobile airbag wire, filling the gap in the domestic automobile airbag wire market, greatly reducing the production cost of downstream enterprises.At present, its production of nylon airbag wire in the market occupation rate of 20%.In the chemical fiber production workshop, a root diameter less than one-third of the diameter of the hair nylon wire, after high temperature melting, drawn, “this production principle is like we do vermicelli.”Helen Wang said metaphorically.In addition to the application of airbags, The nylon wire developed and produced by ZHONGwei Chemical Fiber has been used in military clothing, fire uniforms, cases and bags, high-speed railway special gauge baffle, gauge block, embedded casing, baffle seat and other series of products, realizing the zero breakthrough of domestic private enterprises.”The ‘fine denier high-strength nylon 66 fiber’ developed by us is also used in the party flag guarded by aerial echelons and four giant slogans at the congress celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.”Helen Wang said.Why can break the monopoly of foreign nylon wire production enterprises?Wang Helen introduced, among them, there is a key intermediate, that is adiponitrile, which is the key organic compound of the synthesis of nylon 66, “we through technical research and development, completed adiponitrile to nylon 66 synthesis technical problems.”More let Wang Hailun’s joy is that in March this year, China’s domestic production of adiponitrile enterprises will formally put into production, not by foreign enterprises “neck”, by then, the capacity of nylon wire will further expand, more applications to the market.”A meter wide to a hundred meters deep.”Wang Hailun said that the nylon industry will have a market prospect of one trillion yuan in the future, they will also achieve the ultimate application of nylon 66 subdivision, with scientific and technological innovation to drive comprehensive innovation, open up more application categories, “we also believe that in the future, more nylon material products can also enter the vision of ordinary people, no longer mysterious.”Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Zhao Pengyu