The latest ranking of The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) shows a change of the world no.1 in women’s singles and a big change in men’s singles, with Xu Xin dropping to 9th place

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On January 30, Beijing time, the international Table Tennis Federation updated the latest ranking, women’s singles, Sun Yingsha reversed Chen Meng, rose to the world no. 1.In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong is still ranked no. 1, but Xu Xin’s ranking has dropped significantly to no. 9, and Liang Jingkun has moved up to no. 5 thanks to his excellent performance.At the Olympic Games, Chen and Ma won the singles title, but neither of them won the gold medal.Although Sun only finished second in both the Olympics and the World Championships, she won the gold medal in the World Cup and has a good performance recently.Chen meng’s performance after the Olympic gold medal was not very ideal, which caused the change in the ranking.The latest rankings show that Sun Yingsha has become the world no.1 and Chen Meng has slipped to the second place. It is a normal competition and Chen Meng does need to work harder.Wang Manyu’s ranking is the fourth, she has narrowed the gap with ITO, there is still a great possibility to surpass in the future, Wang Yidi’s ranking is also improving, and retired Ding Ning, ranking is declining, which is normal.In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong and Ma Long are still the top two. Ma Long won the Gold medal at the Olympic Games and Fan Zhendong won the gold medal at the World Table Tennis Championships, which are also very good results.The change in men’s singles is Xu Xin, xu Xin slipped from the 3rd to the 9th, which is also related to his poor singles results.Liang Jingkun played well, his ranking rose to the 5th, which is related to his world Table Tennis championships results.Liang should also get more opportunities in the future.Lin Yunru, Lin Gaoyuan and other people’s ranking also declined, which is also related to their singles results.Zhang benzhi and this ranking rose to the fourth, and Hugo is ranked the third, they also have good competitive strength, the future can also make some threats to China ping.