New Year’s Eve dinner, 4 dishes remember to put on the table, beautiful but easy to do, the whole family praise you are a chef

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Chinese New Year is coming, but many people are beginning to worry, so many people gathered together, what kind of food can meet everyone’s preferences?Everyone don’t worry, I am going to share with you a few delicious and good-looking food, I believe your children will love it.As long as you learn these dishes, then your family will certainly praise you virtuous, will also say that you are the chef, like friends to learn together!1, this dish is very simple to make, and you can use a variety of raw vegetables you like, such as white radish, carrot, green pepper and so on.2, prepare a few pieces of bean curd skin, bean curd skin can be eaten directly, if you feel some beancyfishy friends, you can also choose to blanch the bean curd skin slightly, the time is not too long, otherwise it will affect the taste.3, spread out the bean curd skin, put the cut vegetables on the bean curd skin, and then roll up one end, and finally tilt 60 degrees to cut, so you can have a flower-like bean curd skin roll.4, conditional preparation of a good-looking plate, will be prepared to arrange the ingredients.We can put some decorations on the plate, and then we can put some fried chicken in the empty space, and then we have a nice dish.1, prepare two potato cubes, clean them and remove the skin, and then cut into thin slices on the top of the pot for cooking.2. Buy some plump prawns from the wet market and remove the dirty parts with scissors.Like their heads and the tail line on their bodies, and then you cut it along the tail and you peel the shell off.Keep the tail of the shrimp in place to make it easier to cook.3, clean the shrimp line, put it in the bowl for curing, we put some condiments in it: ginger slices, spring Onions, pepper, salt, cooking wine and so on, other seasonings we can match according to their own taste, curing for 15 minutes.4. The potatoes should be steamed by this time, so we take them out and mash them.While it’s warm, we’re going to add some starch, and then we’re going to start rolling it into a non-sticky dough.5, take out the appropriate potato dough, knead the rounded edges into small cakes, and then take a ready shrimp put in, just reserved shrimp tail exposed, all done and then put aside for later use.6, at this time we need to beat two eggs in the bowl chopsticks, the bowl needs to prepare the right amount of bread bran, shrimp balls should be dipped in egg liquid, and then wrapped with bread bran.7. When the oil in the wok is preheated to 60%, the shrimps can be put into the wok and deep-fried. When they are golden brown, they can be served.1. Cut the eggs and tofu into neat shapes, and their thickness should be maintained at about one centimeter, so that it is better to look good when putting on the plate. Put a circle around the plate.2, beat a few eggs in the bowl, don’t be afraid of waste, after all, there are so many people at home, it must be able to eat up.Add 150 ml of warm water, stir well, then pour on the egg tofu, steam for about 12 minutes.3. After steaming, we can take out the blanched shrimps prepared in advance, put them in the middle of the dish, put some green onion or red pepper shreds, put some green pepper around them for decoration, and then pour some sesame oil to finish.Four, the lotus root clip meat said simple point, this is equivalent to the coupling we usually eat the same, but the practice is not quite the same.1. Peel the lotus root and cut it into thin slices, then put water into the lotus root.Soak the lotus root in water for about 10 minutes, so that the lotus root can be thoroughly cleaned, and we can eat more assured.2, lotus root into the pot to add a little white vinegar, so then blanch the water, after blanching out for a while.3, prepare a piece of plum blossom meat chopped into minced meat, add some condiments inside, so that you can create a unique fragrance, I put is ginger, green onion, salt and pepper, you can add according to their own preferences.4. Take a lotus root and add it to the meat, clamp the meat with both ends of the lotus root, and place it on the plate in order.The rest of the meat can also be placed in the middle of the plate, so as not to waste, and crack an egg from the middle.Steam for about 15 minutes and serve!After looking at the recipe of these dishes, I believe you will feel handy.As long as you study hard, then when the New Year comes, you will be the most beautiful son on the table, and you will be appreciated by your family.There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it, and cooking isn’t difficult, right?