“Hollywood Draw,” all right, I got the lead script

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When Wayne and Luke open the door and enter the apartment, the atmosphere is awkward.The beautiful neighbor is sitting on the balcony with the script, looking at the girl sitting on the sofa with strange eyes, Jimmy with a beautiful girl and young man waiting in silence on the sofa.Several of them seemed to come alive as they entered. Jimmy stood up and pointed to the girl he had brought. “Hi, Luke.Wayne, these are my clients. She is Mrs Uma Thurman, and this is Mr Ethan Hawke. ‘Wayne nodded wearily, beckoning them to take a seat, waiting for him while he went to the bathroom.I washed my face, changed my clothes, and sat across from the sofa.”Wayne, have you had lunch yet?I went to get some pasta. Do you want me to cook you some now?My spaghetti bolognese, it’s great.”Before he could say a word, the beautiful neighbor dropped the script and came over and threw her arms around his neck, looking at the girl on the couch in a weird way.He shrugged, and sure enough, no one in Hollywood said, “No, I had a burger with Luke Road.Jimmy, this is our leading lady, Naomi Watts.”Naomi said, “Hi, Jimmy.””Hi, Ms. Watts.”Before the small talk could continue, Wayne interrupted them, picked up his resume from the coffee table and said to the girl across from him, “Uma Thurman, um, I see on your resume that you’ve already done a feature film, right?Kiss dad good night. Well, I haven’t seen it. Can you introduce yourself?”Uma stood up and did a spin. After Wayne took a look at her figure, she sat down and said, “MY name is Uma Thurman. I was born on April 29, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts.In 1988, she made her movie debut as a girl who seduces men by kissing her father Goodnight.I was discovered by a modeling agent in New York when I was 15, and I became a cover model, and I did dozens of magazine covers, and Jimmy showed me the script, and I thought I could do the lead.”The girl confidently introduced herself and looked at Wayne looking down at her resume, convinced that she could definitely impress the young handsome director.Wayne heard her and looked up at her in surprise. He saw Naomi on the balcony and whispered, “BXXXH!”He frowned and glanced first at Jimmy, who must have told her which part she was going to play, but it seemed the girl was a little cautious and prepared.”Ms. Thurman, you have a good story, at least for a rookie.I want to tell you one more time, I need a supporting actress, Lori, not a leading actress, Terry.I’m sorry if you can’t do it.”He didn’t look at Uma and turned to Jimmy.Jimmy frowned and said, “Wayne, she can do the lori part, trust me.”Then he turned to Look at Uma, as if to say, see, I told you so.”Wayne, I can do lori as a supporting actress, but of course, I mean, if you need me, I can try the leading actress.”He lit the coffee table with his hand, pulled out a Marlboro and lit one, looking at the woman through the smoke.Can only say that later successful actress, not a simple brain.Even if it is still young, but also know to strive for their own opportunities.He showed his confidence in the director by going back to keep his original role when he saw that things couldn’t be done.”It’s not going to come with a lot of money, and I’m sure Jimmy told you in advance that I’m happy with your look.You can sign the contract in a minute, if you like. You can think about it first.”He looked back at Ethan Hawke, still young and handsome.’Mr Hawke, may I introduce myself?”I’m Ethan Hawke, of course, and I’ve been in two films so far, both in small roles: Skyrush in 1985 and Peter Weir’s 1989 drama Dead Poets Society.I’ve read the script, and the leading man, in my experience, has no problem.”Wayne listened to him finish, put down his resume, said to him: “My film, the main roles of the male and female protagonists and supporting actresses these three, because the investment is not high, so the conditions like I said, the film pay is not high, but if smooth shooting cycle is not long, if you can accept the contract now.””Sure, I can sign any time.”Hawke had thought about it before he arrived, and this might be a chance, if not to get into the theater, at least to have the experience of playing a leading man.Wayne gestured, and Luke pulled out the prepared contract and placed it in front of Uma and Ethan.Jimmy looked over and nodded to both of them, indicating no problem.In fact, Jimmy told them all about it in advance, and if it wasn’t confirmed, they wouldn’t be brought in.In the presence of Jimmy, the two signed the contract.As they signed the contract, he smiled and clapped his hands. “Thank you for trusting me,” he said. “Tomorrow I’ll arrange for the entire crew to get together for a meeting and get ready.It is expected to take about two months to shoot, so you should prepare well in advance.”Jimmy nodded that he was ok and asked, “Wayne, what about the other parts?”Caa should not be short of these new actors, the role of the teacher, find a handsome, other casual to leave some for the school, I promised the principal, give them a few children social practice opportunities.””No problem. Leave it to me.”With that, Jimmy stood up, said hello to Luke, and went back to get ready with his two clients.Luke then said hello to Wayne and went out to set up the props for the hospital.He leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes. He was physically and mentally exhausted after dealing with one thing after another.A pair of hands pressed gently on his head, massaging him and making him feel better.”Wayne, don’t you feel well?Wayne opened his eyes and took the hand massaging his head. “I’ve got a headache.You know, it feels bad, like someone’s whipping you so hard that you have to move on.”Naomi came and sat down next to him, holding the man’s head gently against her chest.”Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, because if you get sick from stress, the crew that you’ve just built will collapse.So you have to find ways to relax and not think about work all the time.”Smelling of Naomi’s bath fluid, he had no other thought than to relax. Sometimes it’s nice to have a woman around, at least Wayne hasn’t had a warm embrace in a long time.He wrapped his arms around the blonde and fell asleep with her under his head.When he woke up, he was lying on the sofa with a blanket over him and a pillow under his head.Rubbing her eyes, she sat up and saw Naomi cooking dinner in the open kitchen.”Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I fell asleep for some reason. What was I cooking?I think I’m starving.”He pulled back the blanket, walked up behind Naomi and gently hugged her.He felt comfortable with the woman, who at least made him feel that she cared, whether it was for a simple purpose or not.”It doesn’t matter. I haven’t slept much, about three hours. You’re too tired.”Naomi could feel the tone of the man’s voice, the corners of his mouth turning up slowly. It always pays off, doesn’t it?Wayne leaned against the counter and watched as she poured the meat sauce over the cooked pasta, offered to pick up two pasta dishes and headed to the end table.”No, I can’t stop. To stop means to fail.It’s very good. Like you said, your pasta is very good.””I don’t like that Uma, Wayne. She’s too scheming and greedy. Maybe you should try to make more choices.”Of course he did. That’s not surprising.His mother once told him that if a cast, there are more than two women, they tear the lower limit, can exceed normal cognition, especially two beautiful women.”Look, I have a contract with her, and as long as she fits the part, there’s no reason for me to do anything else. Your mind should probably be on the script.”Wayne gave her a bland response.When Naomi saw Wayne’s reaction, she didn’t take it personally, but immediately changed the subject to discuss tilly’s transition.She was a smart woman who had nothing to lose by trying, and if it made Wayne even a little unhappy with Uma, she thought it was worth it.After the pasta, Wayne called the Molly’s Cafe he frequented near campus and made a reservation.Tomorrow he’s going to have a meeting with everyone on the show, to get them to know each other, to see if there’s anything we haven’t thought about yet.School locations and hospitals have been decided, the remaining scenes are not much, just find roads and Bridges with few people.In fact, this film has a lot of clever place, such as the heroine Tai Li was killed again and again, are the scene is simple to no.Moreover, the shooting scenes were all drawn according to the pictures in his mind, and the camera positions had been designed almost in advance, since there was a picture in his mind, the film should not be used much.Without having to shoot too many useless lenses, you might have a lot of film money left over.This leaves room for mistakes on the shoot without overspending, and allows for post-production costs.It’s a good thing there’s no special effects. 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