Why don’t girls get male dogs?You’ll get the idea

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Girls like small animals very much, they may choose to have a dog as their pet, if it is a girl to have a dog, it is not recommended that they have a male dog, read the following you will understand!Male dog strength is not recommended for girls to raise male dog one of the willing, is compared with female dogs, male dog strength is relatively large, especially for some big dogs.They like to burst, the girl’s strength is small, so it is more difficult to control them, it is easy to have an accident, really difficult to control it.Male dogs like to ride male dogs are possessive, and if a dog wants to grab something, he may rub it underneath and leave his own smell.One of the things that drives a lot of people crazy about having a male dog is that dogs seem to enjoy the act of riding, whether they’re in heat or not. If a woman gets a male dog, it can be very awkward for them, so don’t get a male dog if you can’t handle it.Male dog is very naughty male dog personality is more outgoing and lively, they usually behave very naughty, and sometimes will not listen to what is said.Girls themselves are quiet, in the face of such naughty dogs, they are really powerless ah, so often feel very confused, so it is suggested that girls do not keep male dogs.Male dogs like fighting is also said above, male dogs are very possessive, and they will also fight for territory, mate and so on, if you take them out, in order to show their status, it is easy to fight with other dogs, the scene is more difficult to control.Male dogs smell more than female dogs of the same breed, male dogs smell more than female dogs.Male dogs have a larger body skeleton, and more hair than female dogs, more hair is not breathable, so the smell of the body will be bigger than female dogs, in the summer will be more obvious, female dogs, it will be more difficult to accept the smell of male dogs.In fact, it is good for girls to keep male dogs or female dogs, there are each have their own benefits, each have their own disadvantages, how to choose, are according to their own like and personal situation to choose better.Whether male or female dogs, as long as the breeding to take good care of, diet to give them adequate nutrition, staple food to choose comprehensive nutrition dog food feeding, usually with other complementary food, nutrition is more comprehensive.Conclusion: why do you think girls don’t keep male dogs?