What is the flavor of “New Year”?

2022-06-09 0 By

Every Chinese New Year, people always say that the “flavor of the New Year” is getting weaker and weaker.In fact, it is a special magic that pervades us and makes you feel immersed in it.With the flavor of the New Year, even the usual look at the vulgar red become friendly fashion.Today, let’s look for some of the most beautiful New Year celebrations.When I was young, there were certain smells that were unique to Chinese New Year, such as the sulfurous smell of firecrackers, the smell of sunlight on new clothes, and the smell of stew wafting from every kitchen.People looking for the flavor of the New Year began to dig into their childhood memories.What I remember most when I was young is the steamed bowl that I saw once a year. Now it has become a provincial intangible cultural heritage project.This makes people miss the taste of a lot of, such as: Chaigou Fort bacon, Huanghua noodles, Manchu stick bobo, and so on…This year has been even more extraordinary.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is held at home, and the collision between the Olympic event and the traditional Spring Festival makes everyone intoxicated.This year’s New Year is even more distinctive!In order to impress guests from all over the world with unforgettable memories of Hebei, hebei dishes have been carefully selected by our province to form the chongli menu for zhangjiakou 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Do you know what the nine heritage dishes are?Let’s find out: After seeing so many delicious foods, do you want to make your own specialty dish?It is always said that young people learn to cook by watching Baidu, and the end result is: Eyes: Oh, easy!Brain: Yes, I can.Hand: Are you sure?And then…The lack of that hard-won, do you feel that the flavor of the New Year suddenly weakened a lot?BUT, there are always some people who amaze you. For example: What is the flavor of New Year?There will always be people asking questions.Actually, the flavor of the New Year changes constantly.In addition to memory, there are many new elements added, belonging to the new generation of years memory will continue to enrich and expand.What remains unchanged is the attachment to the New Year and the dedication to the New Year flavor.It’s a genetic symbol in the blood of the Chinese.