Shui Qingxia: against Japan light defense is not defendable, wang Frost injury has a great impact on the team

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Live on February 21, the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup, China won the title again after 16 years.The team is currently in isolation in Suzhou, coach Shui Qingxia was interviewed by five Star Sports.– Are you nervous about leading the Team in the Asian Cup? Shui Qingxia: To tell you the truth, I am quite good. I think now that I am leading the team, I will be calm and do well in the usual technical and tactical requirements.Because before the game, in the game I have always said that the first thing to have confidence, and then to let go, do not be afraid of coach blame, play the characteristics of each of us, according to the tactics and techniques lost the ball must be grabbed, attack and defense transition in the attack to have defense, defense to have offense.Let the players make decisions according to the playing situation, any football match can not be designed well, must pass this way, must pass that way, we should be more confident, follow the technical and tactical requirements under the premise of giving play to the characteristics of each person.If really inferior skills, there is no good regret, the mentality of our players are ok this time.– What have we accomplished from the technical levelWe estimate the semi-final may encounter Japan, we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, the opponent will bring us how much of a threat and opportunities, we also have some on tactical simulation for the record, and light is unable, defense of defensive counter-attack, also so everybody clear, is also in accordance with the requirement to do, throw the ball to do one thousand, this aspect also has the team to help us analysis.It is true that Japan team strength above us, we in the technical and tactical aspects, including the mentality above, or weak fight strong, well prepared.Shui Qingxia: Wang Shuang sprained her ankle in the training before the Match against Japan. At that time, I was worried about her. It had a great impact on the team, especially the scheduling of the center and front court.Injury who do not want to see, but there is no way, so personnel above the adjustment, can only be so, because the back of the game to play.Shui Qingxia: I know Xiao Yuyi quite well. I have taught xiao Yuyi for nearly 12 years. Before, many players rotated half time in the group stage, which was also to prepare for the later stage.After Wang Shuang was injured, I wanted xiao Yuyi to play, but considering the defense, we might have more defense. If we spend a lot of energy on defense, our attack might be halved. Later, we considered it as a pawn after being attacked, which would be of great effect.Shui Qingxia: It was an opportunity to compete with European players and see what my strengths were and what I needed to improve. It was also quite risky at that time.After coming back this time, Tang Is obviously much stronger in the above mentality, and the use of body and technology, is really improved.(tiger)