Men’s singles big surprise!Guo Yu will be 2-0 South Korea will advance to the round of 16, the opponent over The Peach Kendou

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Beijing time on April 5, the INTERNATIONAL Badminton Federation Korea Open is underway.The open competition of this site, the national yu coaching team arranged 7 people to participate, the main players Chen Yufei, Huang Yaqiong and others led the competition.Shi Yuqi, Liu Yuchen, Chen Long and other main absence.Is the men’s single is the first round of the competition, national yu men’s single player Weng Hong Yang against The South Korean men’s single name Xu Gwangxi.The latter Xu Guangxi in The Tokyo Olympic Games, the surprise victory over Momota Kendou, world War ONE famous.In the first game, weng hongyang, a young Chinese player, came into a quick state, leading 11:5 into the technical timeout.Weng hong-yang has few chances to participate in international competitions, but she cherishes the opportunity to participate in the Korean Open.In the first game, Weng hong-yang kept the lead and won 21-12 easily, leading 1-0.In the second set, Weng hong-yang still maintained the lead, leading Hui 11-10, the first to enter the technical timeout.South Korean player Heo Gwang-hee unnecessary errors, key points, Weng Hongyang withstood The counterattack of Heo Gwang-hee, 21-16 successfully locked the win, straight sets, total score 2-0 upset Heo Gwang-hee, the south Korean men’s singles, successfully advanced to the round of 16.It is worth mentioning that the coach of Weng Hong Yang in this match is Luo Yigang, the head coach of Chen Yufei.Luo Yigang is an experienced and skillful coach. Since he taught The National Badminton Women’s singles, the national Badminton women’s singles has gradually formed a group advantage. Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Zhang Man, Wang Zhiyi and other players have gradually enhanced their competitiveness in the international badminton world.Next, weng Hong Yang, the young men’s singles player of The National Feather, will meet Zhan Junwei of Malaysia.The latter Zhan Junwei is also an unexpected success, straight sets, 21-17, 21-7, the total score of 2-0 victory over India’s men’s singles general Plannoi.At present, Weng hong-yang is ranked 154th in the world, Heo Kwang-hee of South Korea is ranked 29th, Zhan Jun-wei is ranked 71st, and Prannoi of India is ranked 23rd.