After wearing a mask, the taste of the year needs to be carefully tasted

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The first hundred sections of the year.Since ancient times, every Spring Festival around the country will hold a variety of lively folk celebrations.Now, under the special circumstances of epidemic prevention and control, large-scale traditional shows have been cancelled, so the flavor of the New Year will be weakened?In fact, the Chinese New Year is irreplaceable in the hearts of every Chinese.Cleaning, buying oranges, pasting the word “fu”, eating New Year’s Eve dinner, wearing incense and praying……In every Chinese family, the ritual of celebrating the New Year is passed on as always.But the taste of the New Year after wearing a mask needs to be tasted more carefully.It is one of the special activities for Cantonese people to pick up flowers in the flower street before the Spring Festival.In the past two years, due to the epidemic prevention and control, the traditional Spring Jasmine flower market has been cancelled. Although it is not possible to visit the flower street, buying Spring Festival flowers to decorate home is still a reserved program of Guangdong families during the Spring Festival.When it comes to annual flowers, Cantonese people are certainly familiar with them, especially the annual orange, a symbol of auspicious trees.Every Spring Festival, the orange tree will be decorated by the host with red envelopes, lights and so on, placed in the big C at the gate.Although I see it every Spring Festival, I never really care about it.Since the “Gao Gao Punch card” series short videos launched on the National Day of 2021 are deeply loved by the market, we also planned a short video for Chen Cun, “the hometown of nian oranges”, at the invitation of colleagues from Foshan reporter station. It was my first time to approach and understand nian oranges.Stepping on the xianyong orange field, I saw different kinds of orange. The orange farmer told me that Chencun planted four kinds of orange.There are also oval, edible kumquats and larger, less common golden omelets.So, this year I took the initiative to the home to apply for the task of buying flowers.The night before New Year’s Eve, AT a stall selling Chinese New Year flowers near my home, I picked Chinese New Year oranges with confidence, haggled and carried them. In less than 10 minutes, I bought two POTS of Chinese New Year oranges to my satisfaction.Dressed up in the home orange, is the flavor of the New Year.Ordering the New Year’s Eve dinner is also one of the highlights of the Spring Festival. In the past, we used to have the big family dinner together, but since the epidemic, according to the prevention and control policies, we have adjusted to small family reunion.He was still on a business trip in the week before the Spring Festival, so that the time for cleaning his new home and pasting fu characters was compressed to the eve.It was the busiest New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had.Afraid of being too late, I suggested to my parents to have dinner outside on New Year’s Eve.Once approved, it will be executed immediately.Fortunately, my friend’s company opened a new seafood restaurant near my home that caters to my parents’ tastes. I dared not ask for a private room, so I temporarily asked the restaurant manager to help coordinate a table.After the family cleaned up and arranged the New Year theme, it was already 6 o ‘clock in the evening when we arrived at the store. The first round of people who had eaten the New Year’s Eve dinner left one after another. Among them, some old and some young took family photos in front of the store’s New Year theme photo area.Just like last year, we made a video call to grandpa to share the New Year’s Eve dinner and toast each other’s thoughts and hopes. “Let’s end the epidemic and relax the customs clearance policy soon.”The ends of the earth miss, is the flavor of the Year.During the Spring Festival, in addition to visits between relatives and uncles, there is a reservation program, is to panyu Lianhua Mountain for good luck.On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, we set out after brunch, thinking we could miss the morning rush, but we underestimated the number of faithful.From The City lotus road, it began to jam.As we neared our destination, the navigation turned purple, many intersections were blocked by temporary controls, and we roughly circled the village where Lianhua Mountain is located. The one-hour drive turned into three hours.Incense, flowers, flags, transfer windmill…Around the incense burner of Wanghai Guanyin, worshippers can be seen everywhere with praying objects in their hands.They say words in their mouths, probably also wish good luck, all the best, peace and prosperity in the coming year.In taking incense, buying tofu flowers, into the palace to touch the gods and other places, lined up countless long queue.In the crowd, I silently blessed myself and set goals for the New Year.Nowadays, although the days are getting busier and busier, the sense of small ceremonies for the New Year still remains.In fact, faded noisy, family sitting, lights amiable, is also a kind of Flavor.What is your New Year’s wish for 2022?A: It has been two years and the epidemic is coming to an end soon. I am looking forward to our reunion on grandpa’s birthday this year.Where would you like to go in 2022 if you could travel far away?Go with who?A: Take your family to enjoy the great beauty of the motherland.■ Writing: New Express reporter Gao Yongshu