The return rush is here!Emergency remind

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The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end…With the holiday free pass policy coming to an end, everyone is on their way back home.Remember to return in advance, staggered peak return more smoothly. When will the free passage time end?February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) 24:00 Chinese New Year expressway free passage time ends.Before the free passage has not arrived at the destination of the vehicle, can be from the nearest toll station under the highway first, and then re on the highway, you can enjoy the maximum free policy.What’s the weather like?According to the fujian Meteorological Station, the rainy weather will return from the north to the south from June 6.It is recommended to pay attention to the weather forecast before travel and pay attention to driving safety.When does the return traffic peak?16:00 to 21:00 on February 5 (the fifth day of the first lunar month).February 6 (6th day of the first lunar month) 9:00 to 13:00, 16:00 to 21:00.Where are the places with large traffic flow?It is expected that the province will involve 10 toll stations and 10 locations with large high-speed flow., highway management department from 6 at 10 am, ningde highway traffic peak will appear to the messengers, lake kasumigaura, fuding, ningde south toll station entrances and exits, Shen Hai high-speed, the tunnel floor tunnel, Yang mei wu yong guan high-speed copper rock tunnel, eight are Shared, Taiwan high-speed market hubs and short-time congestion phenomena may occur.It is understood that the ningde Expressway comprehensive law enforcement detachment set up service free points in the Gangshang tunnel of Beijing-Taiwan Expressway and tongyan tunnel of Shenhai double line, and moved the clearance law enforcement personnel and equipment pass forward to the toll station of each easily blocked section to ensure quick disposal and smooth guarantee.Ningde has set up volunteer service stations in 40 toll stations and 11 pairs of service areas to provide convenient services for passengers.Ningde Management Branch of Provincial Expressway Group reminded that during the return trip, citizens can learn real-time road information through the mobile APP “Min Tongbao” or follow the wechat public account of “Fujian Expressway”. In case of emergency, please evacuate to the safe area quickly and call the service number “12122”.What should I pay special attention to on the way back?(1) Off-peak travel, reasonable congestion avoidance.Before the return trip, the route should be planned reasonably, and the trip should be timed and timed.The reconstruction and expansion construction of G72 line, Quanzhou section, Tangcheng Junction to Penghu section, is prone to slow traffic phenomenon, it is suggested that the passing vehicles bypass or pay attention to the road condition information in advance.2. We must not be careless in epidemic prevention and control.Personal protection should be strengthened to reduce risks on the way. When passing through service areas, gas stations, toll stations and other places, people should wear masks at all times and actively cooperate with temperature detection and health code check.(three) keep the mentality, civilized driving.High-speed driving, to control the speed, keep the distance, such as slow, please consciously queue up to pass, on the way to reject window parabens, random lane change, occupy the emergency lane and other bad behavior, jointly maintain the highway safety driving environment.Source: Fujian Highway, Mindong Daily editor: Zhuo Jinfang review: Miao Hongtong ■ Fuding original sand painting version “only this green”, amazing circle of friends!■ To ease the labor shortage, eight major measures to come!CCTV “xiaochun evening” on those “Ningdefu”……■ There are adjustments!The section from G104 national Road K0 to K1 in Cheli Bay has been officially opened to traffic