The annual salary of several positions exceeds 3 million yuan. Chengdu High-tech Zone releases the demand list of high-level talents for the world

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Cover news reporter Yang Jinzhu attracts high-level talents from all over the world, and Chengdu High-tech Zone continues to exert its power.On March 30, Chengdu High-tech Zone held a talent work meeting of the Party Working Committee and awarded certificates to 10 “Golden Panda Talent Award” winners, 5 “Golden Panda Achievement Award” winners and 16 newly selected “Professors of industry” in 2021.It is worth noting that the site chengdu High-tech Zone released the first batch of golden Panda high-level talent demand list in 2022, and selected a batch of high-level talent positions with an annual salary of 500,000 to 3 million yuan.At the meeting on the same day, 10 “Golden Panda Talent Award” winners, 5 “Golden Panda Achievement Award” winners and 16 newly selected “Professors of Industry” were awarded certificates by Chengdu High-tech Zone.It is reported that according to the talents’ contribution and achievements, chengdu High-tech Zone selects 10 outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial talents who have been innovating and starting businesses for more than 2 years and reach the C-class or above standard of Chengdu High-tech Zone every year, and awards the “Golden Panda Talent Award”, and gives a reward of 1 million yuan.Each year, 5 outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship talents who have worked in Chengdu High-tech Zone for more than 5 years and have reached the standard of Class B or above of Chengdu High-tech Zone will be selected and awarded the “Golden Panda Achievement Award” with a reward of RMB 2 million.In 2021, chengdu High-tech Zone selected 10 “Golden Panda Talent Award” and 5 “Golden Panda Achievement Award”, and allocated 20 million yuan of talent award fund.It is understood that Chengdu High-tech Zone has implemented the “Industry Professor” plan, formed an “innovation and entrepreneurship community” with domestic and overseas universities, and promoted the transformation of achievements for scientific and technological innovation talents from world-famous universities, and vigorously supported the innovation and entrepreneurship of professors from the top 200 universities in the world and the double first-class universities in China.We will give up to 1 million yuan of settlement support, up to 500 square meters of rent subsidy and up to 5 million yuan of financing reward.In 2021, Chengdu High-tech Zone will introduce 16 “national brand” entrepreneurship professors in Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and other universities, with a support amount of 12.8 million yuan.”Under the strong recommendation and guidance of the talent department of Chengdu High-tech Zone, 2 people have been selected into the national talent Plan, 11 people have been selected into the provincial talent Plan, 7 people have been selected into the municipal talent plan, 10 people have been supported by the talent plan and project of The High-tech Zone, and more than 100 people have been recognized as the ABCD talents of the High-tech Zone.We enjoy special services such as children’s schooling, housing and transportation at the first time, creating a very good foundation for enterprises to attract, retain and gather talents.”Chengdu Lead Drug Development Co., Ltd. research and development of chemical center senior director Zhou Jiehua said.On the same day, Chengdu High-tech Zone released the first batch of golden Panda high-level talents demand list in 2022, specially selecting a batch of high-level talents with an annual salary of 500,000 to 3 million yuan and launching a recruitment call for global talents.This list mainly focuses on the three leading industries of electronic information, biomedicine and new economy, and brings together more than 30 key enterprises from Chengdu High-tech Zone, providing a batch of high-level positions with annual salary ranging from 500,000 to 3 million, a total of more than 150.In recent years, Chengdu High-tech Zone has continuously optimized the business environment, deepened the cultivation mechanism of science and technology enterprises, and many outstanding star enterprises have emerged, including listed enterprises, unicorn enterprises and specialized new enterprises.In the list of high-level talent demand released this time, there are chief business officer and president of biological Research Institute positions provided by star enterprises such as Chengdu Lead Drug Development Co., LTD., Chengdu Orin Biotechnology Co., LTD., with an annual salary of more than 3 million yuan, and the minimum annual salary of other positions in the list is more than 500,000 yuan.In addition, on the same day, chengdu High-tech Zone also released the list of “The first batch of postdoctoral talents recruited in Chengdu High-tech Zone in 2022”, attracting talents and “supporting young talents to play the leading role”.The reporter learned that The Chengdu High-tech Zone will give 300,000 yuan living allowance to the doctors who enter the post-doctoral research stations and engage in scientific research after assessment and identification.At the same time also actively assist to win provincial capital support.