Pingshan fire rescue brigade organized high-rise building fire control room personnel to carry out fire safety business training

2022-06-08 0 By

In order to implement the comprehensive Control Plan of fire Safety of high-rise buildings in The city, improve the management and operation ability of fire control room managers, promote and improve the fire safety management of high-rise building residential area fire control room, and effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents.Recently, Pingshan brigade organized high-rise building fire control room personnel to carry out fire safety business training.At the training meeting, the supervisor of the brigade first expounded the danger of fire and the importance of fire safety by playing several warning cases of fire accidents in recent national high-rise buildings.Then, combined with years of work experience, training was conducted for the participants, focusing on the basic knowledge of high-rise building fire protection facilities, fire inspection methods and key points, fire control room equipment operation and disposal process, building fire protection facilities operation and testing, filling in all kinds of on-duty records, etc.At the same time, the training staff put forward about the actual use of control room equipment problems were answered on the spot, in time to eliminate the ideological misunderstanding and blind area.Through the training and guidance, effectively let the fire control room operators familiar with the operation skills of automatic fire facilities, understand the correct disposal procedures of fire.Finally brigade inspectors urges, fire personnel on duty as a high-rise residential area fire control safety of the first, responsibility is very important, be sure to master the operation of fire control cabinet method and processing of all kinds of fire fighting equipment in response to feedback, they can better deal with high-rise building all kinds of fire safety incidents in the community.