On April 1, Fujian added 13+68!Among them, 62 asymptomatic cases were reported in Quanzhou, 4 in Fuzhou and 2 in Ningde

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According to the National Health Commission (NHC), fujian reported 13 new locally confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday, including 10 in Quanzhou, two in Xiamen and one in Zhangzhou.Sixty-eight asymptomatic local infections were reported, including 62 in Quanzhou city, four in Fuzhou city and two in Ningde City.In order to achieve dynamic social zero-out as soon as possible, nucleic acid screening is planned to be carried out in the following areas on 2 April after the study and decision of the Municipal Emergency Command for Epidemic Prevention and Control.The relevant matters are now announced as follows: 1. Testing scope: Since midnight on March 26, positive infected persons (excluding those found in centralized medical isolation places) have been found in Zenglin Community, Jinlong Street, Licheng District;Invertors beautiful okanagan valley area east of the city street community, Dai head, east star, sea, springs, iron, tongyuan communities, okanagan valley street east tu, sitting before, XiaHuai community, east huai, the east China sea treasure bashan garden street community, the method of stone, yunshan, cloud valley communities, spring show chau street lights, star lights, east lake street, east lake community north street pap community;Xibian Village, Huatingkou Village, Xia Village, Andou Village, Sucuo Village, Yangdai Village, Handai Village, Nunnery village, Haiwei Village, Yokoban Village, Zhonghu Village, Dongshan Village, Chitang Village, Xindian Village, Wutan Village, Zhushuxia Community, Shuanggou Community, Yonghe Town;Yongchun County Wuli Street Town rulin community, Yangxian community and other areas where the containment area, as well as other areas where positive cases were found.Regional nucleic acid screening shall not be carried out in any area other than the above-mentioned area.Iii. Test objects All personnel in the above administrative region shall be subject to the announcement of each county (city or district).(1) During the test period, the majority of residents do not move or go out unless necessary, stay at home, according to the notification of the street (township, town) and community (village), take mobile phones, ID cards (for those without ID cards, please bring the residence booklet), prepare the “Fujian Health code”, and accept the sampling on time and orderly.Residents without mobile phones can bring their ID cards and volunteer to help them register.(2) During the sampling period, please take good personal protection, wear masks at all times, avoid gathering and talking with each other, consciously maintain the order of the site, and prevent cross-infection.Immediately after collection, wear a mask and leave the site as soon as possible.(3) In accordance with the Community Prevention and Control Plan for COVID-19 and the Implementation Guidelines for Regional Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing organizations (Third Edition), sampling sites have been set up in a reasonable way and used by professionals after assessment. Routes have been scientifically determined, site organization and management strengthened, and fixed routes have been implemented with the guidance of designated persons, time-sharing zones and fixed routes.Single sampling and single detection shall be carried out for the population in the enclosed control area or one household with one tube. In the case that the single sampling and single detection objects have not been detected positive in multiple rounds of testing, 10 in 1 mixed sampling shall be carried out according to the situation.(IV) Please take the initiative to obey the staff’s organization and arrangement, and actively cooperate with the sample collection work.Those who refuse to cooperate or support nucleic acid testing, disrupt order, conceal, falsely report or forge information will be investigated by the public security organs in accordance with the law.For the health of you and your family, please take an active part and complete the sampling work nearby.Sorry for the inconvenience.Quanzhou Emergency Command for the Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic in Quanzhou city, The National Health Commission