Officer xuan!Super first black horse birth!Magic tuhao 1 sign 3 big foreign aid, block Taishan + blunt miracle

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Full basket platoon PingYu, unique fans clicking on media attention, entered the winter window since won’t regret it, most of the Chinese super league club is looking for the right candidate, a total of 18 teams in the league, because the new season will be more competitive, especially for newly promoted, want to stay in the Chinese super league will first take out the real deal, after all, the level of the Chinese super league is much higher than one,And in the past, promotion horses are the first to pursue relegation.Of course, there are exceptions this season, because another promotion is not to avoid relegation, the outside world is also looking forward to wuhan three towns to create “Kaiserslautern myth”.Looking back over the past three years, Wuhan Sanzhen’s performance can be called magic, and it has been upgraded year after year, creating the record of the fastest entering CSL from the amateur team, and this pace has not stopped, in the overall depressed investment environment of CSL, Wuhan Sanzhen has not stopped spending money.On the fifteenth day of the day, three towns of wuhan sent the “package” for the fans, breath officer xuan three foreign aid, after coming from the Brazilian central defender Wallace is among them, 28, Wallace out Yu Kelu ROM and got the brasileiro champion, then played in braga, Monaco, lazio and malatya European teams, show the power of good.Midfield, three towns of wuhan signed Romania tycoon Stan dome, which is also a 28, tiger balm in midfield, Stan mound debuted in alba Julius, at steaua Bucharest, anderlecht, blah, sparda team left a footprint of Europe, has also played for Saudi national giants of jeddah, familiar with the Asian characteristics of league, the league’s return to Asia,Stanqiu is also looking forward to better play, help Wuhan three towns to create good results.Brazilian striker Davidson front, three towns of wuhan in hand, the latter 30 years old, height 1 meter 77, physically strong, dribbling technology at the foot of the great and good at fight alone, mainly in the Portuguese league after fame, in sports, the sand weiss, covey good guimaraes, especially during the period of guimaraes effectiveness, Davidson added 20 goals 20 assists 83 appearances,Once close to winning the league MVP, before joining the Chinese Super League, Davidson played for Alania, is the team’s absolute main force.Is not hard to find, after to the Chinese super league, three towns of wuhan team for the upgrade, the introduction of a “central axis”, plus the original squad, directly promoted to the level of big dark horse, may even have a title, compared to sea port, guangzhou team, three towns of wuhan is very mysterious, has become the most looking forward to the new army,It is also the biggest threat to Chinese Super League champions Shandong Taishan to defend their title.Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of Beimen.Beimen strives for the accuracy and completeness of the content, but if the actual situation prevails, beimen will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this article.The final interpretation of the article belongs to the hundred number and the author of the article.