Guangqi Honda’s first pure electric car jiele car has been to the store welcome to the store tasting

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22 years old brand store, honest management, quality assurance, service first, rest assured to buy.Any brand replacement guangqi Honda designated models, to enjoy a subsidy of 5000 YUAN.Guangqi Honda jiele (EA6) fortune network about god car.The driving range is 510 km, and the charging pile is provided when the car is purchased.The first pure electric car introduced by GAC Honda shareholders, EA6 is jointly developed by GAC Research Institute and GAC Honda. Based on gaC Honda’s advanced and young brand connotation, and combined with the user experience of GAC new energy products, it is a strong joint development.And the integration of both sides in technology, production, channels, services and other super advantages of the product.For more details, please visit the store for consultation or sales hotline: (0668-2523888) Address: No. 288 Gaoshui Road, Maoming City (inside Jinning Motor City) Activities from February 9, 2022 to February 9, 2022