Where do you start, owning a Rishi M5

2022-06-07 0 By

Early spring trip, must go with friends or bear has many facets of the surrounding city play you in place ling intelligence PLUS travel edition is your trip to early spring partner Early spring, everywhere is warm with 4 character paint, customized travel Zui beautiful colour “the spring green, summer dream blue, red, autumn winter pine green” each individual character color,Unlimited space and happiness 1920mm super wide body +3198mm super long wheelbase brings large driving and passenger space for people, storage, luggage and other car scenes are multi-sided, comfort full score two rows of 360 degrees rotating leather seats back flat, second change “lying flat sofa bed” sleep freely,Comfortable and pleasant journey, double sense of quality and respect, double sense of pleasure and pleasure to enjoy comfortable riding space, double sliding doors, single side electric sliding door, lift Windows, library class NVH quiet luxury window, middle window and privacy glass roof rear air conditioning, yacht class luxury wood floor stepping configuration, one has a surrounding self-driving tour,2.0-L Atkinson cycle engine has high thermal efficiency, brings a strong feeling of pushing back, and lower fuel consumption at the same time. It is sensitive to start, smooth and smooth to shift gears, and it can be easily controlled in many aspects.The early Spring Fair Tour will be held from April 4, 2022 to May 4, 2022