Tianjin’s “real money” to help enterprises recover

2022-06-07 0 By

Tianjin, March 26, China News Service”Three restaurants have been opened, but two have been closed recently.”Recently, the reporter accidentally chatted with the driver of an online taxi and learned that due to the continuing epidemic, Mr. Zhao, who used to be the owner of three restaurants, had to start an online taxi in order to support his family.”My b&B has been closed since the outbreak before the Spring Festival,” said Ms. Liu, who runs the b&B.On March 25th, small business owners like Mr Zhao and Ms Liu got real help.The General Office of the Tianjin Municipal Government issued several Measures on Assisting Enterprises, Bailing out enterprises and Supporting the Development of Market Players (several Measures).The measures, consisting of 15 articles, are targeted at tax reduction and exemption, employment stabilization, financial support and other aspects of interest to market players. Real money and silver will be invested in targeted support to help enterprises rescue and solve difficulties.Earlier this year, Tianjin was hit by a new round of COVID-19. After four nucleic acid tests for all members of the city, the community was cleared on January 21.However, shortly after the Spring Festival, another round of the epidemic spread to Tianjin, so that many small and micro business owners and individual businesses feel helpless.Liu Dongshui, deputy director of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, said that the Tianjin Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have worked out several measures to help market players tide over difficulties.Based on the precise implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, the policy has helped market entities reduce costs, reduce rent expenses and meet financial needs, helping them recover.Liu Dongshui introduced that the measures, while expanding the scope of policy benefits, highlight the support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses, including the implementation of the national tax reduction policy, both phased measures and institutional arrangements.There are tax rebates, tax cuts, exemptions and tax delays, and other forms of support, showing a wider coverage, greater policy intensity, and more diversified preferential approaches.”These measures will substantially increase the liquidity of market entities and effectively enhance confidence in development,” Liu said.For service parts have contact sex sex strong, micro, small and medium enterprises more affected by the epidemic in the actual situation of the heavier, the measures to highlight on areas such as transportation, tourism, increase the intensity of support, shall be exempted from city bus passenger, subway, light rail, taxi, long-distance passenger transport, bus public transportation service such as VAT,We will continue to implement the policy of suspending the deposit of tourism service quality by 80%, and actively promote the use of insurance to replace the deposit of tourism service quality.At the same time, we will use government procurement policies to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises expand their markets.To encourage the attraction of exhibitions, and to give corresponding subsidies to the exhibition areas of more than 3 days in Tianjin.According to the introduction, the “several measures” also focuses on the survey of enterprises reflected more concentrated tax and fee cuts, financial support, help to stabilize the post and other needs to formulate measures.In terms of rent reduction, small and micro service enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that rent state-owned houses will be exempted from rent reduction for six months in areas designated as high-risk areas in 2022, and for three months in other areas.In terms of helping enterprises stabilize their employment, we will continue to implement the policy of lowering the municipal unemployment insurance contribution rate to 1% for a period of time, and continue to implement the inclusive unemployment insurance return policy for enterprises that do not or do not lay off employees.In terms of financial support, for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individual businesses, we have innovatively introduced pure credit loans and credit loan products that can be repaid on demand, and further strengthened commercial banks’ implementation of measures to cut fees and yield profits, so as to accurately meet financing needs.At present, as the epidemic prevention and control situation in Tianjin is stabilizing and improving, the local production and life order is being restored in an orderly manner.(after)