Psychology: at the beginning of the New Year, you should thank your dear self to achieve transformation

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Everyone expects to have a magnificent happiness, but most of the time, it is quietly, but also their own efforts to come, you have to be worthy of that happiness, because the gift of fate has been secretly marked the price.Be grateful for what you have been working hard for, the people and things around you, and continue to start a self-disciplined lifestyle. The Road Less Traveled says, “The first solution to life’s problems is self-discipline.Without this link, you can’t solve any trouble or difficulty.”In his youth, he might stumble on his wits and luck from heaven.But when you get to a certain age, you realize that the only thing that makes us laugh is your hard work and persistence.Sometimes, live too idle, just have time to persist in meaningless things, just have time to moan.Look at people who are better than you and work harder than you, and spend their time on self-improvement.Psychologist Anthony Said: “The first step to success is to have a grateful heart, always be grateful for what you are, but also to others for what you do, have respect and gratitude.”Gratitude is an attitude towards life, which comes from our love and hope for life.We should be grateful, remember every move.Thanksgiving parents selfless upbringing and pay, Thanksgiving lover weal and woe together;Thanksgiving friends in the trough of encouragement and support;Be grateful for the kindness and warmth strangers bring us, and be grateful for all the encounters.No matter how difficult life is, we should try to make ourselves a sunny person.The sun of my heart, all I meet is warmth.Every change you make, every growth you make, is about becoming a better version of yourself. Deep down everyone wants to be valued.– Carnegie True, but the more grow up more lonely, more mature more understand, can accompany you through life, only you, can always warm you, only you.Seems to go hand in hand, in fact, the growth of the road has been a separate struggle.On the way to success, because when you give up, no one can convince you and save you.Everyone is struggling, which have so much energy to put on you?Rely on others than their own, desire, to fight for their own;If you want something, go for it.It’s better to embrace, embrace, and grow than to crave other people’s attention.Efforts to grow you, give yourself a hard, but also please continue to struggle and refueling!There is an important issue in psychology – self-growth.Self-growth is something that many people pursue throughout their lives.Anxious, will ask oneself 1: grew up so long, in the end can have what benefit?When you grow up, you can rely on your own power to solve problems.The tangle of things finally put down;You can strike a balance between independence and intimacy.You have to understand that growth is a matter of personal effort.Do you feel inferior?Before you deny it, low self-esteem is not all bad.In Inferiority and Transcendence, psychologist Adler says, We all have varying degrees of inferiority because we all want to better ourselves and live a better life.Individual psychology believes that the driving force of a person’s growth does not come from external competition, but from everyone’s inner sense of inferiority, which is to become a better self.The purpose of inferiority is to see our own hearts, to maintain self-awareness, to achieve a better transformation.But without sufficient self-awareness, “becoming a better self” can become a self-denying slogan that competes with ourselves and takes us out of touch with how we feel about our lives right now.Adler said, “People’s personalities are not born and fixed, but can be determined by their own will, and can be changed whenever and wherever you want.”A gentle and transparent person, also experienced twists and turns, cured all over the body scarred.Try rubbing your head and telling yourself, don’t be afraid, it’s not your fault.Inner grief and anger, ultimately have to rely on their own to digest, deal with the negative emotions and everything around shake hands, is also a way of self-healing.True forgiveness is shedding pretense, reconciliating with yourself and embracing who you once were.The half-way effect of psychology: In the process of self-transformation, we need to prevent giving up halfway. When we ask for self-change, we often have a good plan in the early stage, but the key is how to implement the force in the later stage.After all, people in the process of action, easy to produce halfway effect.The halfway effect refers to that halfway through the goal you set, you suddenly have doubts about whether the goal can be achieved and the significance of the goal. At this time, your psychology will become fragile and sensitive, and it is easy to give up halfway.A large number of facts show that the termination period of human target behavior mostly occurs near the “halfway”, which is an extremely sensitive and fragile active region near the midpoint of human target behavior process.At this point, we need to do our own psychological construction, which is of strategic significance.Specific psychological construction, such as: if the project goal is not completed now, then what will happen next: this is a self-failure experience, in addition, the heart becomes more sensitive and vulnerable.When self-challenge is not successful, you will face a psychological breakdown that only those who have experienced it can understand.But what would it look like if we kept going for another six months?You will feel a sense of accomplishment for the goals you set at the beginning of the year, and your inner desire to achieve them will become stronger and stronger, and you will use an iron will to complete them.Life, to treat the complex life with a grateful mood, walking in the world, there are always some experiences, will let you instantly grow up.Metamorphosis is a process of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly. After thousands of twists and turns, we gradually learn to turn swords into plowshares with our lives, and peacefully and quietly.When we are grateful, we will be fully powerful. When we look inward and embrace ourselves, we will be full of inner fullness.The picture is downloaded from the Internet.For more exciting content, come to Yanyu Yi Die