La Liga’s latest points battle getafe unbeaten in 3 rounds less than espanyol 2 points barca ma competition four

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The 2021-22 La Liga season kicks off today with getafe taking on Levante at the Alfonso Perez stadium.After 90 minutes getafe thrashed Levante 3-0 at home.Getafe have been in excellent form since the end of December, losing only to Sevilla in the last five games and beating Real Madrid at home, winning three, drawing one and losing one.At home to bottom side Levante, getafe made a dream start to the season 1-0 with less than a minute to go. Alan Barry flicked the ball in from the left corner.In the 28th minute, Getafe took a 2-0 lead when Oliveira took the ball to the front of the penalty area and dribbled the ball into the middle of the field.The 39th minute, Levante left fast down, pubier bottom back before the door, Defreutos steal a shot, BOOM, the ball was blocked by the post, Getafe escaped.In the 51st minute, Getafe quickly counterattacked. Oliveira ran up the left side at a high speed, broke away from the defense and shot into the penalty area from a small Angle. BOOM, the ball was also blocked by the bar.In stoppage time, Getafe threw a throw-in from the left side of the midfield. Real Madrid’s marajo took the ball and forced his way into the penalty area. Alenia stopped the ball to adjust his step and scored with a low shot.Real Madrid are four points clear of Sevilla at the top of the table, while third-placed Real Betis are 10 points behind real.This round of the most focus of battle than Barca and Atletico Madrid in the fight for four, two teams who win who won the fourth, the loser may be real Sociedad over.Getafe remain unbeaten in 3 games, 2 wins and 1 draw, and 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 6 games. With this period of good performances, Getafe gradually moved away from the relegation zone, only 2 points behind espanyol.In terms of scorers, Karim Benzema tops the list with 17 goals, while Juan Mi, Vinicius and De Thomas are tied for second place with 12.Juner scored twice today, the number of goals reached 9, more than Depay and other people into the top 10, currently alone in the seventh.