Jia zongyang apologized after the race: because of my mistake lost the gold medal, really sorry

2022-06-07 0 By

China was disappointed to win the silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final on Sunday night.Jia cried after the mistake, while teammates Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu hugged and comforted him.In the interview, Jia Zongyang eyes flushed, has been choking up, “it is really a feeling that can not be said, no one can understand my mood now.”Teammates comfort Jia Zongyang.”Looking back on the four years of preparation, from the coach to the staff, I have made adequate preparation every day in training. Today, I lost the gold medal because of my small mistake. I let down the trust of my team, my teammates and all the people who support our program.Jia zongyang said, “I don’t know about it. We can’t see the jump of the opponent at the starting point, we can’t hear the movements reported, and we can’t see how the jump is, so WE don’t know.”Talking about the reason for the mistake, Jia zongyang said, “The moment of zero and a few seconds really made me feel very fast. I also wanted to perfect the movement. I felt there was no problem and I was in control all the time.””But when I landed, I couldn’t say what the problem was. It was a pity.””Down Xu Mengtao said to me, don’t bother, nothing.”(SLQ source: The Paper)