Gu Ailing for the glory of the country, foreigners want to naturalize in China or permanent residence have what conditions?

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Talented girl Gu Ailing gave up her US citizenship, became a Chinese citizen and won the gold medal for her country.The whole country was excited.The state of California also issued a statement celebrating Gu.Some people say that Gu Has returned to China and is now a Chinese. China does not recognize dual citizenship, so what does it have to do with the United States?California is also soaking up the heat.At the same time, Zhu Yi gave up his American citizenship and became a Naturalized Chinese citizen.Some people wonder whether Gu Ailing, Zhu Yi and other returnees have not completely cancelled their overseas nationality.Legally, China does not recognize dual nationality. Anyone who becomes a Chinese national must renounce foreign nationality.In practice, people who become Chinese nationals also apply to give up their foreign nationality, but it is not certain whether the foreign authorities actually cancel their foreign nationality.Many countries recognize dual citizenship.Especially for the high-end talent competition.California, the us state where Gu was born after her Olympic gold medal, also issued a congratulatory post.In this way, in order to compete for special talents, gu Ailing did not handle similar household registration cancellation procedures.Of course, it may also be a means of publicity, as wang Shanshan, the captain of the women’s football team, is now working as a primary school physical education teacher in Tianjin. She was born in Luoyang, Henan Province, and her parents’ ancestral home is In Keshan County, Zhumadian, Henan Province.Luoyang, Henan province and relevant provincial government departments to Wang Shanshan awards.Queshan county authorities are also promoting local athletes as a source of pride for the country.California congratulates Gu Ailing in the same way that some of the athletes’ ancestral homes, birthplaces and workplaces congratulate gu ailing in different forms after the women’s football team won the gold medal.This is a good example to inspire more people to strive actively.Gu Ailing, Zhu Yi and others gave up their American citizenship and returned to China, which shows that China’s social status and influence of nationality are becoming more and more attractive.Why do some celebrities and entrepreneurs invest and emigrate abroad?Is it difficult to become a Chinese citizen?Are so many foreigners from all over China naturalized?There are two problems among them. One is the issue of naturalization of foreigners as Chinese nationals.Secondly, there is the issue of foreigners living and working in China permanently.Some foreigners come to China for tourism, some for investment, some for work and life, some for permanent residence with Chinese nationality.Different types of visa procedures are required by law.As for a small number of Chinese star artists and wealthy overseas investment immigration, this personal choice, the law does not exclude.According to the Nationality Law, a foreigner who was born in China and whose parents are stateless or of unknown nationality and have settled in China will naturally have Chinese nationality.First, they must swear to abide by the Chinese Constitution and laws. At the same time, they must satisfy the following three conditions: they are close relatives of Chinese people, they have settled in China and they have other legitimate reasons.There is no doubt that Gu Ailing and Zhu Yi meet these requirements, so it is easy for them to apply for Chinese nationality.Article 6 Any person born in China whose parents are stateless or of unknown nationality and have settled in China shall have Chinese nationality.Article 7 Aliens or stateless persons who are willing to abide by China’s Constitution and laws and who meet one of the following conditions may be naturalized as Chinese nationals upon approval of their applications:Those domiciled in China;There are other valid reasons.Article 8 Any person whose application for naturalization as a Chinese national has been approved shall acquire Chinese nationality;A person who has been approved for naturalization as a Chinese national shall not retain foreign nationality.Article 9 Chinese citizens who have settled abroad and who have voluntarily acquired foreign nationality shall automatically lose their Chinese nationality.If a Chinese citizen becomes a foreign citizen, he or she will automatically lose his or her Chinese nationality.Yes, according to the Nationality Act.But there should be legitimate reasons, such as the need or desire of relatives back home to retire.However, there may be a problem in practice, economic ability considerations.Living abroad for a long time without social security, do you have real estate residence in China?There are a lot of foreigners, many of them are students, tourists and staff in China.These personnel are visa based on purpose and have time limit.Leave or renew your visa when it expires.However, foreigners need to obtain permanent residence in China in order to live a stable employment life.What’s the difference between permanent residence and naturalization?The difference is that foreigners become Chinese when they become Chinese citizens, just like ordinary Chinese citizens.Permanent residency for foreigners is similar to a green card for Chinese overseas.The nationality status will not change, but can live and work in China for a long time.In recent years, there are more international marriages. Some foreigners get married to Chinese people, and then their spouses can apply for permanent residency after living in China for 5 years.Some foreigners who invest in China, buy real estate, head of a branch of a foreign-funded enterprise, have lived in China continuously, worked for 3-4 years, and have a good tax record, can apply for permanent residency.The country’s shortage of high-end foreign talent can make an exception to obtain permanent residency.Foreigners shall apply for employment permits and visas before they meet the requirements of living in China.Or a tourist visa.Article 5 The public security organs of the people’s governments of cities divided into districts and the public security bureaus and county bureaus of municipalities directly under the Central Government shall accept aliens’ applications for permanent Residence in China.The public security departments and bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall examine and approve foreigners’ applications for permanent residence in China.The Ministry of Public Security is responsible for approving foreigners’ applications for permanent residence in China.Article 6 aliens who apply for permanent residence in China shall abide by Chinese laws, be in good health, have no criminal record, and meet one of the following conditions :(1) direct investment in China, stable investment for three consecutive years, and good tax record;(2) those who have held positions of vice general manager or vice factory director or vice senior titles such as associate professor or associate researcher in China or enjoy the same treatment, who have held positions of at least 4 consecutive years and have resided in China for a total of not less than 3 years in the past 4 years and have good tax records;(3) those who have made major or outstanding contributions to China and are in special need of the State;(4) spouses of persons referred to in subparagraphs (1), (2) and (3) of this paragraph and their unmarried children under the age of 18;(5) Spouses of Chinese citizens or foreigners who have obtained permanent residence status in China, who have been in marital relationship for more than five years, have resided in China for more than five consecutive years, reside in China for no less than nine months each year and have the guarantee of a stable life and a place of residence;(6) unmarried children under the age of 18 who seek refuge with their parents;(7) Those who have no immediate family members abroad and no immediate family members in China, who have reached the age of 60 and have resided continuously in China for not less than 5 years and reside in China for not less than 9 months each year and have a stable living guarantee and residence.The number of years referred to in this article means the consecutive number of years prior to the date of application.