@Qinghai people, these things are done online!

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From the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security:The province social security system to focus on the public stage, advance the process of orgnaization of social security matters “decompression”, relying on the qinghai province people’s government affairs service integration platform and mobile phone App “qinghai social tong”, push forward the social security public service item “online office”, promote the orgnaization of social security matters, cross-regional run free net phone, arranged, in nearby, agent office, the door run,Integrate online and offline channels to provide convenient and efficient human and social services for the masses.In 2021, our province to provide for the aged, unemployed, inductrial injury insurance “three risks” one single appraisal “, social insurance, 87, 5 packaging items, 28 provinces tong backlog items, 53 fast running, time limit for the overall shorten, conduction speed increase by more than 50% generally, realize the basic public services of social security matters, handheld run online.Among them, ynetong handled 1.1076 million online transactions;We handled 1,514,600 inter-provincial online businesses, and transferred the endowment insurance relationship for 97,200 people.The practical difficulties for the elderly using intelligent technology, the province social insurance services actively explore optimal aging service, set up the old business to deal with the green channel, set up waiting zone, love seats, print special guide that are suitable for the elderly, posted eye-catching signage, providing reading glasses, equipped with emergency medicine box, convenient service facilities, confined to a wheelchairCreate intimate and comfortable service environment.Qinghai Rensotong App is transformed to be suitable for aging, and a large type version is added to facilitate the reading operation of the elderly, and intimate, convenient and fast certification services are provided for the elderly.The company has provided door-to-door services for more than 200 elderly people over the age of 80, and assisted certification services for 15861 elderly people with old age, empty nest and mobility inconvenience.Explore orgnaization of transformation patterns, endowment insurance pay to suspend, treatment and recovery and issue temporary price subsidies for unemployment insurance subsidies, steady claims, skills upgrading and claim 9 business implementation such as “no” to do “, namely the masses do not need to submit an application for business, handled by the system automatically and cancelled the eps threshold, improve the efficiency, improved the work experience.(West Sea media reporter Mo Qing intern reporter Da Wa Yangzong)