Long teng hu yue in China | about wild goose pagoda, intangible guanzhong, “qin opera masks story (4)

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Qinqiang opera is a traditional drama in northwest China. Its performance techniques are simple, bold, unrestrained and full of exaggeration.The joys and sorrows of Qinqiang opera are not only presented in the artist’s exquisite singing, but also reflected in the bold and unrestrained red and green strokes of qinqiang opera mask.In December 2014, “Guanzhong Qinqiang Opera Mask” was selected into xi ‘an’s fourth batch of intangible cultural heritage representative project list.Heritage in this “wild goose pagoda, the audience” qin opera masks the story of “live activity, xi” an intangible project the guanzhong “qin opera masks inheritance people yao-wu Chen teacher from guanzhong” qin opera masks of historical origin, qinqiang opera facial makeup, and the difference between the Peking Opera, painted face of simple techniques and qinqiang opera facial makeup passing on ideas from several aspects such as a detailed introduction to the audience friends.The general audience has a clearer understanding of qinqiang opera, one of the operas with the longest history in China and the knowledge of Qinqiang opera masks.Through radio waves, the unique charm of Qinqiang facial mask is displayed, which further promotes the art of Qinqiang opera.As a valuable cultural information resource, intangible cultural heritage is also a true witness of the long history of Chinese civilization.In recent years, Yanta District has actively implemented the working principle of “protection first, rescue first, rational utilization, inheritance and development”, carried out in-depth protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, excavated and rationally utilized intangible cultural heritage resources, and made intangible cultural heritage projects shine more charming.