Is Volkswagen Passat a German midsize car worth buying?What are the advantages and disadvantages?

2022-06-06 0 By

Volkswagen Passat is an old stallion in the mid-size car market. It has been favored by consumers in the market for its outstanding space performance, calm business style and mature and stable three major components.Is the Passat worth buying after the mid-range makeover, which was completed last year?What are the advantages and disadvantages?Below, we will have a chat together.The body size of Passat is 4948×1836×1469mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2871mm. From the actual ride experience, both the head space and leg space are relatively powerful, and the back leg can also raise two legs, which is worth affirming.Interior technology sense to improve the obvious compared to everyone’s impression of the “public”, the new Passat technology sense can be said to be very obvious.Full LCD instrument panel + suspension central control screen, simple and obvious interface of vehicle and machine system.In addition, there is L2 automatic pilot assistance, the configuration is quite powerful.Solid chassis this is the passat this German medium-sized car has always been the advantage, the interim version of the Passat still maintain this advantage.The whole vehicle adjustment is based on comfort, the chassis is very solid, the filter shock is excellent, when crossing the trench road, there is no redundant rebound.Gearbox smart, lifting gear positive this double clutch gearbox lifting gear is more positive, change into sport mode, this feeling is more obvious.When changing to M gear, start at low speed, press the accelerator deeply, the dashboard will remind you to change gear (1 directly to 3), the gearbox will jump, this experience is relatively good.As for gearbox setbacks, no serious attention, personal feeling is not very obvious.Passat positioning has always been a mature business medium-sized car, star version of the front face modeling “too hard”, a little too avant-garde radical, not everyone will like.Fortunately, the new Passat offers a dual look option, with both styles catering to different consumer tastes.Rear central platform uplift is high indeed, passat space performance is excellent, but the rear middle platform uplift is more obvious, riding three people at the same time may be difficult.Passat has become popular on the Internet since the incident, and many netizens have been teasing passat about its quality and safety problems.But later, passat after re-testing, the results are excellent performance, quality problems or guaranteed.To sum up, Passat is a well-balanced b-class joint venture car. It may not have very impressive highlights, but it also does not have obvious shortcomings.Passat’s current concessions are also quite to force, including concessions, the price compared to the Japanese b-class car or many benefits.It’s a safe bet if you don’t know what to buy.