With beautiful woman “absolute interpretation” invite you sweet travel romantic interpretation

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It’s Valentine’s Day again, and every time it comes to this time, whether online or offline, it’s filled with sweet breath.In the gaming world, it’s valentine’s Day.For example, the immersive entertainment industry development mobile game “Absolute Interpretation” sent players a sweet valentine’s Day invitation!In “Absolute Acting,” players will play the role of an actress, through the experience of acting, improve her acting skills, and eventually become a top actress.In addition to the gameplay of shooting, there are also the gameplay of receiving announcements, changing costumes, interacting with fans, and making friends in and out of the circle.Approaching valentine’s Day, “Absolute Interpretation” also holds related activities, so that artists and players can have a sweet outing with their friends in the game after work!From February 14 to 15, players will be able to participate after logging in to the game.In a twist of fate, female celebrities will be invited to the chocolate factory in Xinghai as the first “special customers” to experience the soft opening of the chocolate factory.At the venue, players can experience “Advertising Shoot: Activity”.The brand will provide five types of chocolate, and players will be asked to choose the most appropriate character in their interpretation of the classic film and television.After the successful interpretation, the brand side will provide a rich chocolate reward!There is also a “networking” game, where players can give chocolate prizes to friends they have made in their social network in order to increase their favorability.I wonder if people would give chocolates to directors or senior artists in the circle, or to someone special to them as a Valentine’s Day gift.Brand side also invited a friend of everyone, as a “mysterious guest” to attend together.The identity of the “mysterious guest” is kept secret for the time being, and you can participate in the “guess” gameplay, and guess the identity of the mysterious guest. If you guess right, there will be unexpected joy!Finally, a “mystery guest” appears and interacts with the player in the dining area.The mystery guest could be your manager, your assistant, or your best friend who comes to spend valentine’s Day with the stars.Valentine’s Day is full of work and dates!After the event, although other activities can not participate in, but the “mystery guest” will be retained for one day, you can interact freely with ta, unclaimed rewards can also claim.This Valentine’s Day will be very romantic!Who would you most like to spend Valentine’s Day with?