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The Princess always Wanted to Escape by Du Qingqing After her parents died, Song Qingci was adopted by the ignorant emperor. After two years, she took the place of the real princess to marry her.On New Year’s Eve, Song Qingci secretly made a wish that one day he would not have to go to the wedding.She thought this wish was known only to herself, but she did not know that the man who heard her wish calmed the world, overthrew the previous dynasty, fulfilled her wish, and made her crown princess.Copy 2 now jing of pei Xing of crown prince qingleng pity is expensive, benevolence benevolence brother, idle busy more than also should spot check the school work of princess and emperor children.Song Qingci was left alone by the prince all day to teach, she wanted to cry without tears, ideas to avoid him a little bit.Unexpectedly, she became the crown princess in the end.As a fake princess of the former dynasty, One day, Song Qingci packed up a small bundle and planned to escape from the palace.Pei Xingjing gently pinches her chin, and her voice is mellow and gentle, but also dangerous. “Want to leave loneliness?”Song Qingci grabbed him by the sleeve and gave him a timid smile, “Brother Huang.”What kind of brother is he to her?He just wanted to be her husband.Pei Xingjing’s ambition is the whole world, song and Qing poetry.This article is also called “Pseudo white lotus overturned car by the male protagonists rub on the ground”, jingguo six prince living in the folk, was found, a street beggars crippled little beggar.After receiving back to the palace, the emperor abhorred, brother excluded, the palace maidservant bullying.As the sixth son of the son of Heaven, Jing Yu was cowardly and humble, lacking royal dignity, and could not be compared with those of your son in bright clothes and angry horses.The little princess who was used to the country and her relatives came, and the son of Heaven let her choose a husband with eyes full of spoil.Yun Yan looked quickly and chose the frail, pitiful and handsome sixth prince.Later, Jing Yu kisses Yun Yan’s instep humbly and looks up: “Princess Pity expensive, Jing Yu is willing to act as an ox and a horse for princess.”Yunyan smile a smile, “hearsay you can’t have a son, each take need just.”Jing Yu holds her implacably and smiles gently.Each to his own…That’s true.Later Jing Yu tore false face, will Yun Yan trapped in the dark narrow cabinet, lacquer mou sen is cool, lip horn is smiling: “know wrong?”Yun Yan apricot eye tearful, holding knee sobs answer him: “know…Got it.”In a word, this is a smart-aleck princess has a crush on the slave property of the prince, want to small slaves, but was small slave counter story.The Song family was the richest man in Lin ‘an city, and its legitimate son, Song Yannian, was as beautiful as a crown jade. His appearance was elegant and his admirers were endless.On that day, when the sky was blue and the morning dew was clear, song Yannian’s third brother brought a girl into the door. The girl’s eyes were picturesque and delicate, and her red lips could hook her soul.Song Yannian is like withered wood to find success in spring, a pair of bright eyes stare straight at that charming beauty.The third brother blocked the girl behind him and said: Eldest brother, please respect yourself.Later, rumors in the city, Song Yannian shameless, take younger brother wife, destroy people’s desire, tyrannical.Light rain, lake with a green boat.Song Yannian wan gu makeup makeup hair, insert an exquisite peach blossom hairpin, warm lips to pale white neck, gently kiss, beautiful woman wu red ear root.The heart has unwilling third younger brother tugging her sleeve: makeup makeup, you should be my wife.Song Yannian frowsty hum sneer: three younger brother, please self-respect.Gu makeup mou light billow, green Dai micro lift, timid hide in Song Yannian behind: three younger brother, call sister-in-law.