The highlight of Chinese tea!The new brand “Tea and Artist” brings you a taste of contemporary arts and humanities

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As the first of the world’s three major drinks, tea is deeply loved by Chinese people.With thousands of years of history in China, tea has long been integrated into society, life, culture, economy and other fields, exerting a significant impact on social development and people’s life.Under the world’s selection, China’s top ten tea brands have been basically determined, such as Zhuyeqing, small pot tea, Dayi Pu ‘er tea and other brands are popular.However, with the trend of consumption upgrading, people have an increasing demand for material culture and pay more attention to the culture and ideas behind products.In 2021, there will be a new cutting-edge tea brand, which breaks the traditional tea product thinking, uses cutting-edge product design capabilities, and is committed to paying attention to the balance of originality and aesthetic value, appearing in people’s vision.It’s called Tea and the Artist.It is in the “shining age” of Chinese tea.Tea and tea culture are sweeping the world with incomparable strength and occupying a place in various countries.In order to shape good tea, tea and artists are paranoid about their own demands. Although they do not stick to mountains and master works, they pay more attention to the feeling of products than anyone else.Because of this eclectic temperament, tea and artisans make many good teas.The high-end rock tea of private xiangjia series and wuyishan Da Hong Pao in The Magic Rock Three tea are all excellent works.And in its metaphor, there is a kind of calm and natural, elegant sense of the world.Of course, tea and artists’ interpretation of “art” is not only about product quality, but also about the core of culture.This cutting-edge tea brand likes to combine crossover, avant-garde art and culture with Chinese tea, creating tea art works with multiple senses such as taste, vision and touch.The year of the Tiger New Year approaching, tea and artists online a hundred tiger He Chun art co-name gift box, this set of tea gift co-name Chinese contemporary ink painting, calligraphy artist He Guoqiang created, in the millennium porcelain jingdezhen personally created a hundred sets of porcelain.He Guoqiang shows his understanding of ink painting art for decades incisively and vividly in the square inch of the tea set, giving a sense of grand momentum.Subtle tone, not frivolous rich, tire embellish glaze thick, warm and ancient.I believe that everyone who is interested in ink and wash art will feel something after reading it.In addition, the tea and the artist “A hundred Tigers he Chun” gift box is selected, is the outstanding one in Wuyi Da Hong Pao, the annual tea king — Tianxin Dou Tea Festival “Champion Da Hong Pao”.In the early stage, the raw material ratio and classification of carbon baking, and in the late period, the integration of uniform pile, double baking solid taste.This gives it its distinctive layered texture.From the beginning of the osmanthus fragrance to cream, and then to fruit, orange flowers, nectar…Layers of change, endless aftertaste, full of shengjin.The product design with unique aesthetic characteristics and differentiated flavor selection are exactly the charm of tea and artists, as well as the cultural perception and taste of humanity and art.We always talk about art and culture, but the presentation of the two tends to be rather ethereal and conceptual.What tea and artists do is turn abstract concepts into concrete realities.It is rare for a tea company to penetrate art into the brand and present it on the product, so deeply studying the cultural core.What do you think about it?