Snooker 8 strong has been determined 4 seats, Zhao Xintong 5-1 hit hi, and TOP16 out, Jiong brother

2022-06-05 0 By

Snooker German Masters tournament is the second round (1/8 final) ended four matches, the top 8 has been determined 4 seats, which, including Trump and other smooth promotion, and China’s talent Zhao Xintong hit a high, 5-1 easily beat Tom Ford, this round and there are TOP16 players:Luca Brecel and Karen Wilson finished the game to advance.First round match, zhao tong 5-3 to beat the world champion mark Williams, a grand slam player, the second round in the “147”, Mr Tom ford, zhao heart tong accuracy is still online, while ford had hit 102, but from the fourth to the sixth inning, zhao heart tong continuous hit 94, 80 and 92 points, beat his opponent.Zhao xintong is really strong to beat two strong opponents in a row.Another TOP16 exit: world number 16 luca brecel, who was in hot form after finishing runner-up at the British championship and winning the Scottish open.In Germany, he defeated Zhang Anda 5-2 in the first round and met Ricky Walton 2-5 in the second round.”The strongest 90 after”, “囧 elder brother” Karen Wilson second round met Stedman, Wilson thrilling 5-4 kill, it is worth mentioning that Wilson only hit two shots 50+, and Stedman a shot also did not, overall, the game is not strong.In addition, Trump defeated Zhou Yuelong in the second round. In the first round, Trump won without a fight and received Gao Yang’s retirement gift, which did not affect his touch. Trump swept Zhou Yuelong 5-0 to advance.So far, the top 8 has been determined 4 seats: Zhao Xintong, Trump, Rich – Walton, Karen Wilson