Reporter investigation United States pupil market chaos: take goods price 9.9 yuan, agents are afraid to sell

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“Ask sisters have reliable beauty pupil recommendation?””I have the silicon hydrogel made in South Korea sold every year, out of print in seconds.”On some social platforms, “Pure deer” and “Charm pupil”…The United States pupil of all kinds of gimmicks attracted countless people who love the United States.In recent years, with the rise of appearance level economy, contact lenses have become almost as common as lipstick.Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, the consumption of beauty cosmetics has been greatly reduced. In this context, eye makeup categories have become the fulcrum to support the appearance level economy, and the demand for cosmetic pupil arises from time to time.Relevant data show that in recent 5 years, the market size of cosmetic pupil has risen rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate as high as 41%, and the terminal sales volume in 2020 is more than 20 billion yuan.However, a recent investigation by a reporter of The Rule of Law Daily found that while the cosmetic pupil market is booming, problems such as unclear qualification of cosmetic pupil vendors and poor quality products endangering eye health are gradually emerging.Comics: Gao Yue beauty pupil agent threshold is low without review of any qualifications “long-term wear beauty pupil will have substantial damage to the eyes?”This is the most common problem that almost every eye contact lover encounters.On some social platforms, the discussion on the harmful nature of cosmetic contact lenses has always been high, with a wide variety of cases mixed with a variety of shocking pictures, or true or false impact on the psychological endurance of consumers.Yuan Yuan has been doing cosmetic contact agents for seven years. In her opinion, for people with myopia, “cosmetic contact lenses can not only replace glasses, but also enlarge the eyes and make them look better.”It is understood that the contact lenses, also known as corneal contact lenses, are directly attached to the tear layer of the cornea to achieve the purpose of vision correction.Due to direct contact with human eyes, relevant departments will supervise cosmetic lenses as category III medical devices. Sellers must hold business license and medical device business license to operate legally. If they sell on e-commerce platforms, they also need Internet drug information service qualification certificate.Yuan Yuan observation found that because of the limited variety and slow update of cosmetic contact lenses on e-commerce platforms, most consumers prefer to buy and sell lenses privately, such as purchasing them through social platforms or cosmetic contact agents, which leads to the emergence of a large number of cosmetic contact agents.According to her introduction, the team has manufacturers, franchisees and agents, the status of franchisees is higher than agents.As an agent, her previous family was an “experienced” large franchisee, such franchisees pay higher franchise fees, can get more supplies at a lower price.The sales mode of the team is mainly carried out by “placing orders from customers – filling orders with one button link – unified delivery from warehouse”.At the same time, everyone who joins the team can also develop agents and earn price differentials at their own agency fees.The simple and quick working mode has attracted many people to step into the industry part-time.However, the influx of a large number of people has also brought problems such as inconsistent product standards and questionable business qualifications.Reporters compared a number of beauty pupil mall and agents found that the same brand under a series of beauty pupil products, the price difference was dozens of yuan.Take Medusee a series of products as an example, in the hands of different agents, the pricing was 158 yuan /2 pairs and 258 yuan /2 pairs respectively.”This is a very common phenomenon, the sales price for customers will be much higher than the price of goods, the more expensive the beauty pupil the greater the price difference, and each agent can according to their own purchase price at will set the price, as long as it can return to the line.”Yuan Yuan explained to reporters.A pair of lenses sold in the market 168 yuan, the agent’s actual price will be how much?”Seventy-eight yuan a pair.That’s just the agency price, and some of the big franchisees are paying a lot less than that and the actual cost.”Yuan yuan said.In the case of standards can not be unified, how should consumers ensure that they buy business qualifications are credible and reasonable?In order to have a deeper understanding of the United States pupil agency industry, the reporter joined a so-called “three cards complete” the United States pupil agency team.In view of the business qualification problem, the reporter put forward concerns and doubts to join business.So the franchisee will provide the reporter with a copy of the picture of the medical device business license and business license, and told the reporter, whenever there is a customer asked about the qualification problem, with the same photo.Some businesses, meanwhile, stopped responding to reporters’ inquiries and requests for licenses to operate medical devices.In this regard, Yuan Yuan told reporters that many consumers want this certificate is not necessarily to confirm verification, but out of a test – check whether the shop is reliable, as for the source of this paper proof is true or false, they do not care about some.Xiao Fan has also worked as an eye contact agent for many years. According to her introduction, many agents and consumers around her have not established the cognition of “eye contact = medical equipment”, and almost look at and buy eye contact products from the perspective of cosmetics.During her agency period, the team not only did not provide any medical device business license certificate, but also did not popularize relevant knowledge to her. Instead, they still focused on the color plate of cosmetic pupil and the quality of promotion.Promotion methods full of tricks to attract traffic gain income let beauty pupil agents so much attention to the promotion, in what way?In the process of the reporter joining the above cosmetic pupil team, every time a new agent joins, the team will carry out some simple “training”.After the reporter paid 88 yuan agency fee, the online reporter sent several documents, which detailed how to establish a reliable “business image”, to provide appropriate marketing programs.In the training document, the team asked reporters to change simple and catchy nicknames, and set a rule to send about five charts and buyer show feedback every day, and suggested updating at a fixed time every day, such as 7 to 9, 12 to 14 and 20 to 22, according to everyone’s life and rest time.In addition, in the promotion and marketing plan, the team suggested that each agent should interact with people on social platforms by clicking “like” to increase familiarity.Baby, Yu Shuxin, Blackpink…Reporters found a large number of beauty pupil brand hanging “star with the same” in sales, these hanging star photos, the name of the “star with the same” beauty pupil sales are often very high, yu Shuxin on an e-commerce platform with the same beauty pupil monthly sales of more than 50,000.The new advertising law, which took effect on September 1, 2015, clearly stipulates that “four categories of advertisements, namely medical treatment, medicine, medical equipment and health food, shall not use spokesmen for recommendation or proof”.A number of experts interviewed by reporters believe that these cosmetic pupil products use the “star with the same” publicity to stimulate sales behavior, is playing star promotion and endorsement of the “edge ball”.The reporter noticed that the team also gave 20 micro-blog numbers with strong purchasing power at the end of the document, and made a detailed portrait of target customers: starstruck, little girls, social experience, high consumption power.Agents can engage fans, interact with them frequently and then become fans of each other.Secondly, the team also suggests that agents dress up their various social media accounts, including but not limited to setting beautiful profile pictures, designing the layout of the account, topping up the membership of the platform and buying thousands of fans for a few yuan on the e-commerce platform to “decorate the appearance” and so on, so as to attract attention.In addition, these teams will also hold various activities to attract attention from time to time, such as holding benefits for buying cosmetic contact lenses, and cooperating with nail shops and bakeries to carry out activities such as scanning code and participating in free orders.There are even “pet diversion methods”, such as Posting that you have a pet in need of adoption and writing in the copy that “we sincerely hope a good person can adopt”, leaving your contact information at the end of the article and saying that “I am sure there will be many inquiries”.Of course, it would be a mistake to mistake a pet for adoption, as the promotion reads: ‘If a beautiful woman adds you and asks you about the pet, you can just say your pet has already been given away. This is a very easy way to attract female fans.’The reporter found that the most effective way to promote is to find network celebrities and pupil mold, shooting and grass products, some good-looking agents themselves will also part-time pupil mold.According to Yuan Yuan, she was looking for Internet celebrities to help advertise at a price ranging from several hundred to thousands of yuan, mainly according to the weight of the blogger’s fans to decide.”Some agents have several ways to contact different clients, and they will even change their clients’ nicknames to information about the goods they have bought.””I once checked my previous wechat account, and her accounts combined had at least thousands of customers,” Yuan recalled.Medical value is vague and it is difficult to have both good quality and low price. In the case of unclear qualification and excessive publicity, the quality of the pupil has become a problem that consumers have to distinguish carefully.In recent years, it is common to see news such as eyesight decline and eye stones caused by frequent wearing of cosmetic pupil. Behind the flourishing market and fancy marketing of cosmetic pupil, many consumers who are attracted but not yet mature in discerning ability often become victims of inferior cosmetic pupil.In April 2021, media reported that a middle school boy in Beijing nearly lost his sight while wearing contact lenses.One of the boy’s eyes often turned red and shed tears. The parents took the boy to the hospital for ophthalmology treatment and found that the boy’s left eye cornea had an ulcer focal area, the depth of which reached half of the cornea. If he had been treated a few days later, the cornea might have ulcer perforation.In January of the same year, a woman who bought cosmetic contact lenses from wechat business felt uncomfortable with her eyes and was told that the contact lenses caused corneal ulcers after she went to the hospital.After using the contact lenses for 2 months, her tear film on her eye surface was damaged to some extent and her eyes were easily tired. The doctor did not recommend her to wear any contact lenses.According to some senior fans of beauty pupil, if you want to buy a qualified beauty pupil product, base arc, oxygen penetration rate, material and water content are the indicators that need to be understood, especially the oxygen penetration rate.According to the public information of the International Contact Lens Educators Association, the oxygen permeation rate, or Dk/ T, is the index that allows the eyeball to breathe freely, which is an important standard that affects the quality of the contact lens.However, for such an important indicator, many publicity on the market on the beauty pupil tends to dodge the key points, only talking about the color, water content and diameter of the beauty pupil, not about the oxygen penetration rate of the beauty pupil.Reporters contact a brand beauty pupil agent to consult the oxygen permeability value, the other party did not directly respond, but a simple reply: “we buy beauty pupil are to see the moisture content, no one to the oxygen permeability.”The eye of a tertiary hospital in Beijing zhang told reporters that lenses belongs to the third class medical apparatus and instruments, belong to “potentially dangerous to the human body, to its security, effectiveness must be strictly controlled medical devices”, and its other products, at the same level are all disposable venous infusion needle, bone plate, stent such important medical supplies.In addition, the reporter noted that due to the larger market demand, coupled with the higher barriers to the Entry of overseas products into the Chinese market, the pupil agent has become part of the overseas brand without import batch number, especially the Way to enter the Chinese market.However, are these cosmetic pupil agents promoting “original import” cosmetic pupil really “pure overseas pedigree”?Probably not.According to small any, touched by its nearly all lenses from domestic delivery, she had to lenses source said: “when I sell a lot of the so-called Japanese and Korean lenses, although I have marked in accordance with the requirements sources of Japan and South Korea, but in fact warehouse in domestic production and delivery, the manufacturer makes oral and made in Japan and South Korea, but I always worry about the in the mind.”The big franchisees in her team explained that the cost of cosmetic pupil was not high and the replacement speed was fast. If they had to wait for domestic import, it would take more time and money, which was not conducive to the profits and sales of the team.”I’ve also had contact with cosmetic lenses priced at 9.9 yuan, but I can’t guarantee the quality of these products, let alone sell them to consumers.”Xiao said.The reporter noticed that in some e-commerce platform, dozens of yuan a pair of beautiful pupil everywhere.Earlier, media exposure in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, a small cosmetic pupil factory, without any qualifications under the premise of more than four months sold more than 1.2 million pairs of fake cosmetic pupil products.A platform owner engaged in the cosmetic pupil industry for many years said that the domestic label of imitation, the cost price is only 2 yuan to 8 yuan.Both Yuanyuan and Yifan said that expensive day lenses do not sell well, and most of the people who like to buy cosmetic lenses are students and professionals with less social experience, so they tend to represent beautiful colors, low prices and can be worn for a long time.But, these so-called “fine and inexpensive” beauty pupil product quality really pass the barrier?This may require a lot of eye contact enthusiasts to keep their eyes sharp and vigilant — the manufacturers behind these lenses are not interested in the good eyes of consumers after using the lenses, but the wealth that the eyes bring to them.(At the request of the interviewees, yuan Yuan and Xiao Fan are pseudonyms) source: Legal Daily wechat official account